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All of us have relevant experience and are HCPC, BACP or UKCP registered. Most therapists blend therapeutic approaches and customise it for you. We always advise to go with your gut when choosing the right practitioner, focussing on the therapist rather than their title. For those who’s gut is feeling a little wobbly, we have the therapy matching service to help guide you on the right path.

All of us have relevant experience and are HCPC, BACP or UKCP registered. Most therapists blend therapeutic approaches and customise it for you. We always advise to go with your gut when choosing the right practitioner, focussing on the therapist rather than their title. For those who’s gut is feeling a little wobbly, we have the therapy matching service to help guide you on the right path.

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Everyday mental maintenance is for everyone, and we believe that we all should be looking after our mental health, even on the good days. But, sometimes we don’t feel 100%. So, tell us more about what’s worrying you.

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Jodie Cariss

MA, HCPC, BADth, TIHR Clinical Lead | Founder

Jodie is the founder and CEO of Self Space and www.carisscreative.co.uk. She is a Therapist with over 18 years experience in the field and a Tavistock trained executive coach. She has a direct and dynamic approach to her practice and a deeply empathic and approachable manner to the way she works.


Jodie is currently not taking on new clients.

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Chance Marshall

MA, HCPC, BADth Lead Therapist | Founding Partner chance@theselfspace.com

Chance has a grounded, creative and empathetic approach in working with clients towards self-awareness and real, lasting personal and interpersonal change. He supports people experiencing a range of challenges including: anxiety, depression, alcohol and substance misuse, relationships, dealing with change, loss and work-related stress. Experienced in Adult Mental Health, Addiction Therapy and working with Refugee and Asylum Seekers.

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Nibarna Kannathasan

Integrative Psychotherapist & Clinical Lead, BACP (Accred.)

Nibarna is a Sri Lankan Tamil psychotherapist who works from an integrative approach weaving together transcultural, person-centred, early attachment, existential and narrative lenses. She believes in strength-based approaches where cultural and intersectional identities can form a rich and textured foundation to change your narrative.. Nibarna also works from a trauma-informed approach and also has experience working with clients who have experienced trauma, including sexual trauma. She holds a warm and explorative space and people often come to see her about exploring their identities alongside relationships with their parents, friends, partners, balancing different cultures, trauma, sexual assault, race-related stress as well as a place to soundboard thoughts and ideas. Nibarna offers sessions in English and Tamil.




Relationships, Childhood Trauma, PTSD.

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Nicola Wilkins

BACP, Relationship and Family Dynamics Therapist, nicola.wilkins@theselfspace.com

In our busy lives it is often difficult to allocate time solely for ourselves. Nicola believes that choosing therapy is a profound and empowering gift, giving you time to be heard, understood and supported without judgement. She offers a safe haven where vulnerability is met with compassion, where you can give yourself permission to truly explore your feelings, delving into emotions, hopes and fears in a way that feels comfortable for you. Nicola specialises in stress, identity, childhood trauma, addiction, betrayal trauma, helping loved ones of addicts, survivors of narcissistic abuse and dysfunctional family dynamics.




Childhood Trauma, Relationships, PTSD

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Mitali Soni

MBACP, Integrative Counsellor and Senior Clinician, mitali@theselfspace.com

Mitali is an Integrative Counsellor, who is interested in the unique experiences of people from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. As a counsellor, she uses a number of different approaches, in particular, she uses elements of CBT, Person-centred approaches and Behaviour Therapy. She often uses metaphors to help explore what is happening for you. Mitali provides a warm, non-judgmental, and safe space to help you explore the challenges affecting your day-to-day activities. People who come to see her are those who may be struggling with difficulties around low self-esteem, depression, body image, sexuality exploration, gender issues, history of domestic or childhood abuse and variations of trauma. This is not an exhaustive list though and she is happy to explore anything that comes her way.



Childhood Trauma, Depression, PTSD

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Gosia Scard

BACP, Counsellor and Coach, gosia.scard@theselfspace.com

Gosia is a friendly, genuine and empathic counsellor and coach. She believes that the counselling process is much more than a caring conversation - it is the process of becoming whole. She creates a safe and non-judgmental space to help you find a way to cope better with whatever may be challenging you. As an integrative counsellor, she uses a variety of different therapeutic approaches to find what works best for you. As a certified coach, she can integrate coaching into counselling to help you explore and enable your potential to grow. She can support you with issues related to stress, anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, lack of meaning in life, relationships or work difficulties. Gosia offers sessions in English and Polish.



Anxiety, Confidence, Childhood Trauma.

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Siata Marfo

BACP, Psychotherapist, siata@theselfspace.com

Siata (she/her) is an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor. She trained as a counsellor after a 20-year career in central government and corporate settings. Siata uses a person-centred integrative approach when working with clients and within her practice uses elements of neuroscience. Fear, anxiety, grief, loss and traumatic experiences can get in the way of self-acceptance and self-compassion. Siata works with clients to live well, whatever their circumstances. Your work together will motivate changes in perspective, which will lead to changes in feelings, thoughts, choices and behaviour. Siata offers a confidential and compassionate space for clients to safely open up to explore feelings and issues that may be challenging them right now, whether these are rooted in the distant or recent past. She will work at your pace to help you find the strength within you to let go of the past, accept what is and open up to your life’s potential.




General Stress, Depression, Relationships.

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Sophia Khan

BACP, Integrative Counsellor, sophia.khan@theselfspace.com

Sophia is an integrative counsellor combining Humanistic and CBT-based approaches to best suit her client’s needs. She applies her natural warmth, empathy and non-judgemental approach to build strong therapeutic relationships based on trust, connection and compassion. She helps her clients to feel heard and understood, while empowering them with tools and techniques to cope with life’s difficulties. Sophia enables you to gain a better understanding of your difficulties and a deeper level of self-awareness so that you can find your own solutions. Sophia has worked in various settings with a wide range of client groups from diverse backgrounds. She works in a culturally competent manner with experience of working with a range of presenting issues including stress, anxiety, trauma, OCD, abuse, grief, depression and low self-esteem.



Anxiety, Confidence, PTSD

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Chrissy Kapartis

Trainee Counsellor, chrissy@theselfspace.com
Chrissy is a trainee counsellor who believes that a strong therapeutic relationship lies at the heart of her work. Her approach focuses on building self-compassion and providing you with a warm, safe space to explore and unpack whatever is troubling you. Chrissy believes that humans are inherently messy and always will be, but counselling can help you to understand your experience and work towards peace. She ultimately aims to help her clients grow and accept themselves as whole, imperfect human beings. Chrissy has worked with people experiencing body image issues alongside anxiety, low mood and confidence issues.

Please note: 

Chrissy is a trainee counsellor. Sessions with Chrissy are £35 per session. If you'd like to book with Chrissy, please fill in this form here.

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Bianca Le Conte

Trainee Counsellor, bianca@theselfspace.com

Bianca uses a mix of different therapeutic approaches within her practice as a trainee counsellor, including person-centered, psychodynamic, and CBT therapies. This flexibility allows her to tailor your sessions to your unique needs and preferences. Bianca knows that taking that first step and having therapy can feel worrying. Understanding this, she strives to provide a sanctuary where you can express yourself freely without fear of judgment or censorship. It's crucial to Bianca that you feel supported, safe, and truly heard in your journey towards healing and self-discovery.


Please note: 

Bianca is a trainee counsellor. Sessions with Bianca are £35 per session. If you'd like to book with Bianca, please fill in this form here.

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Jordan Sommers

Trainee Counsellor, jordan@theselfspace.com
Jordan is a trainee counsellor who believes in an integrative approach tailor-made for each client as he tunes into their unique lived experience.  Jordan’s practice is grounded in his compassionate commitment to creating a safe, confidential, secure, and non-judgemental environment where his clients can freely explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours at a pace that feels right for them.  Jordan feels creating space for inner experience enables us to trust in our own inner guidance, promoting self-awareness and self-acceptance, allowing us to consider new perspectives and new ways of being. These are essential elements for growth and any transformative healing process. Within his practice, he uses an integrative approach taking elements from person-centred, psychodynamic, CBT, and existential therapy to cater to the uniqueness of the individual. He has a special interest in working collaboratively with those facing the challenges of grief, anxiety, low mood, stress and relationship struggles.


Please note: 

Jordan is a trainee counsellor. Sessions with Jordan are £35 per session. If you'd like to book with Jordan, please fill in this form here.

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Effie Ekpo

BACP, UKCP, Psychotherapist, effie@theselfspace.com

Effie provides a welcoming, non-judgmental space for you to be yourself, explore the issues coming up for you and be heard. Being an integrative and humanistic therapist, he will use different modalities that suit the issues that you bring, but you will be the focus and your needs will always be paramount in that space. Person centered, Psychodynamic, Gestalt, and Existential principles are all part of the ways in which he works to help the clients discover themselves and seek ways to understand where they are in life and how they got there. The areas he has worked in include anxiety, depression, difficult relationships, family conflicts, identity, childhood and historical traumas and much more.  The sessions are warm and relaxed. Effie believes the relationship between the therapist and client is the key ingredient that lifts the therapeutic experience for all involved. 


Anxiety, Relationships & Identity


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Minh Chi Nguyen

BACP, Integrative Psychotherapist, minhchi@theselfspace.com

Minh Chi is an Integrative Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Coach. Her approach is to offer a safe space that allows for the depth offered by Counselling and Psychotherapy while combining this with the proactive and growth-led nature of Coaching. Minh Chi will work collaboratively with you around issues with anxiety, depression, stress, identity, relationships and confidence. Working with individuals and couples, she offers a confidential, non-judgemental and warm space, where together you will examine concerns, seek positive change and explore new perspectives.


Depression, Relationships & Identity


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Catherine De Mare

MBACP, Psychotherapist, catherine.demare@theselfspace.com

Catherine is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with many years experience working with adolescents and adults through their trauma, specialising in short term therapy. She will help you to navigate and overcome such complex issues as childhood trauma (sexual and emotional), gender identity, low self esteem, and chronic depression. Catherine firmly believes that present day symptoms symbolise past events that for whatever reason could not be processed at the time. With care and in your therapeutic alliance, the aim of therapy is to explore the unconscious, unlock the meaning behind the symptom, so that you can develop a deeper understanding and be free to move beyond the symptom into full self-agency becoming fully self-realised. In therapy relationships will be explored: how the client relates to others in the past, to the therapist in the present and to the evolving future self.


Childhood Trauma, Depression & Relationships


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Ilona Rakauskaite

BACP, Humanistic Counsellor, ilona@theselfspace.com

Ilona is a humanistic counsellor, life coach and hypnotherapist. With that expertise, she believes she can provide a bespoke and person-tailored service to all her clients. Her main interests are Inner Child Therapy, surviving trauma, eliminating mistaken beliefs, improving self-esteem, transmuting perceived weaknesses into useful tools to improve quality of life, working with emotions, creating balance in life and becoming comfortable within. Ilona's approach although directive is really collaborative, eliciting curiosity and creativity. She believes that a therapeutic relationship is based on transparency, trust, confidentiality and equality so she will invite you to be courageous and sincere and will offer that and more in return. Ilona Provides therapy in English and Lithuanian. 



Anxiety, Identity, Childhood Trauma


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Jo Bullen

UKCP, Psychotherapist, jo@theselfspace.com

Jo is a systemic and family psychotherapist with 20 years of experience in the NHS, private and voluntary sector. Jo is deeply interested in the power and value of human connection and relationships. Relationships can be complicated and when they are not going well, they can lead to stress, anxiety, low mood, isolation and disconnection. Jo uses an approach that aims to understand how and why these difficulties may have arisen and what needs to change. This may be the relationship you have with yourself (perhaps issues with self-esteem, confidence or disconnection of the mind and body). It might be the relationship you have with family members (where there might be tension, conflict, illness, parenting difficulties) or with your partner (where you might be struggling with communication, disconnection, infidelity, separation). Jo works in a relational, dynamic and strengths-based way.


Relationships, Confidence, General stress


Jo works on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays virtually.

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Daniela Gallini

BSc (Hons) in Psychology , MA, HCPC, BADth Therapist daniela@theselfspace.com

Daniela’s approach is warm, collaborative and solution-focused. She uses the creative arts when appropriate to help you communicate things that might be hard to express in words. She believes that the key to creating lasting change is in improving the quality of your relationships and helping you notice the patterns that make you feel stuck. Daniela has worked within the NHS and has experience helping clients manage depression , anxiety , addiction, ADHD and trauma. After working with companies for many years, she is experienced managing work-related issues such as impostor syndrome , stress and work-related conflict . As a systemic practitioner, Daniela is confident working with couples, individuals and families.

Daniela offers sessions in English and in Spanish.


Relationships, childhood trauma, anxiety and depression

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Lorna De La Para-Thomas

BACP, Integrative Therapist, lorna@theselfspace.com

Lorna is an integrative therapist with over 20 years of experience working with young people, adults and families. She offers a warm, non-judgmental and safe environment to enable you to explore and speak freely about your difficult feelings. This can lead to modifying old patterns and identifying new possibilities that could be life lasting. During therapy you can gain a deeper insight into your overwhelming feelings, relationships and patterns of behaviour. In doing so you can develop tools and skills that can empower your life choices. Lorna is confident working with a variety of psychological difficulties such as anxiety, depression, stress, identity issues and relationship troubles.



Identity, General stress, Depression

Lorna is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday in Borough.

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Liam Daniels

BACP, Existential Psychotherapist, liam@theselfspace.com

Liam is trained in existential psychotherapy, he uses his experience alongside an integrative approach within his work. He will work with you to examine your understanding of life and the problems, obstacles and dilemmas that you might face in order to help reassess your goals and desires.  Liam looks to provide an opportunity for people to consider how your choices have been constrained, perhaps by the views and expectations of others, but also by constraints rooted in our society. Understanding can lead to questioning, and growth, possibly in new directions. Liam does not approach therapy with any preconceptions or psychological models into which you might ‘fit’. Rather, he works outwards from your experience and understanding to broaden and clarify the choices that you can make in your life. Liam has experience working with neurodiversity, trauma, identity, low mood, relationships and anxiety.


Neurodiversity, Sexual trauma, Childhood trauma
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Lisa Zomparelli

MBACP (Accred), Counsellor, lisa.zomparelli@theselfspace.com

Lisa believes that the therapy room is the perfect place to work through difficult and overwhelming emotions in order to find a more centred and grounded version of you. She knows that seeking support can feel like a huge step when you’re managing painful feelings, memories or negative behaviour patterns, but encourages all of her clients through the door with warmth and empathy. Lisa works with those experiencing depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, domestic violence, family and relationship difficulties. Often it is not our experience of life that troubles us but how we internalise those experiences, Lisa will work collaboratively with you to find solutions.


Anxiety, Childhood Trauma & Depression


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Kathryn Khwaja

BACP, Counsellor, kathryn.khwaja@theselfspace.com

Kathryn is an Integrative Counsellor who uses elements of different approaches such as Person-centered and Psychodynamic therapy so clients can move towards personal growth.  Kathryn provides a safe space for you to be heard, honour your values and be yourself. She offers an empathic connection where you can explore challenging experiences. Kathryn will help you connect to your feelings with less shame and isolation. She has worked with relationship issues, family roles, childhood trauma, attachment styles, grief and loss, cultural complexities, feeling displaced, anxiety and depression. Kathryn has worked in private practice, charities and community mental health centres.



Grief, Childhood Trauma, Relationships

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Martin Sosa

BACP, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, martin@theselfspace.com

An experienced and bilingual psychodynamic psychotherapist, with a background in the creative industries, Martin (he/him) creates a safe and proactive environment for you to explore your past experiences (back then) to understand what is happening right now (in here). Then, you will be able to shape the tools to action change in your life (out there), only when you feel ready to do so; he is a curious and empathetic therapist who has supported clients with anxiety, depression, loss/bereavement, trauma, relationship conflicts, or with a neurodivergent people who wants to explore further. The length of the work will be agreed upon with you based on how much you want to dive into the issues and meet for a more extended period or focus on a specific topic.



Anxiety, Grief & Relationships


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Catherine Jones

NCS, Integrative Counsellor, catherine@theselfspace.com

Catherine is a warm, friendly and experienced integrative counsellor, working with a varied approach including CBT, psychodynamic, person centered and transaction analysis. Catherine has worked with a variety of individuals from different ages, cultures and backgrounds faced with many different challenges and concerns from depression, relationship issues, anxiety, OCD, grief, self esteem, eating disorders and problem eating, abuse, stress, trauma, addiction, health anxiety and much more. Catherine will provide you with a space that is non judgmental, filled with empathy and safe which will allow you to open up and explore your concerns and grow in self awareness. Catherine allows her clients to reach solutions and to feel that they are empowered to make changes.


Confidence, General stress, Relationships


Catherine is available Monday to Friday virtually.

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Maria Regis

MBACP, NCS, Integrative Therapist, mariaregis@theselfspace.com

Maria is an integrative therapist who will work dynamically with you in order to make long lasting change in your life. She uses a toolkit full of practical strategies, solutions and reflections which can be tailored to you, to reach your goals. Maria is a culturally sensitive therapist and believes that building a strong relationship is hugely important when working together through sensitive topics and overwhelming feelings. She is experienced helping clients work through issues around anxiety, depression, grief, neurodiversity and self esteem.



Anxiety, Relationships & Depression


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Fiona Duhig

Human Givens Institute, Human Givens Psychotherapist, fiona@theselfspace.com

Fiona is an experienced kind, friendly and approachable Human Givens Psychotherapist. She uses a number of proven therapeutic approaches so she has an effective ‘toolbox’ to support your unique needs and circumstances. Her toolbox includes humanistic and solution-focused, CBT, NLP, ACT, motivational interviewing and a range of somatic, breathing & relaxation techniques. She adopts a collaborative approach with clients, working through difficulties gently at a pace that works for you. Fiona has worked with adults and young people of all ages experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma & PTSD, addiction, workplace stress and life changes. Her specialist area is addiction and substance use; with experience working for substance misuse treatment providers, she understands the emotional complexities of addiction and supports clients to find positive lasting solutions with non-judgmental compassion and care.



Anxiety, Addiction, Substance Misuse

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Gizem Koksal

MBACP, Psychotherapist, gizem@theselfspace.com

Gizem is a psychodynamic psychotherapist with many years of experience working with teens and adults. Throughout her career, Gizem has had the privilege of assisting individuals facing a wide range of challenges, including anxiety, depression, trauma, migration, identity and relationship issues. She firmly believes that each person's experiences are shaped by their unique background, upbringing, and personal history. Gizem creates a safe and non-judgmental space where clients can freely explore their thoughts, emotions, and patterns of behaviour. Gizem's therapeutic approach is grounded in psychodynamic theory, which emphasizes the exploration of unconscious processes, childhood experiences, and interpersonal relationships to gain insight into and resolve current struggles. By delving into the underlying causes of distress, she helps clients develop self-awareness and make lasting changes. Gizem's ultimate goal as a psychotherapist is to empower her clients to navigate life's challenges with confidence and resilience. 



Identity, Relationships, Grief

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Steve Marshall

BSc, MSc, MBACP and MFDAP, Integrative Counsellor, steve@theselfspace.com

Steve is a counsellor with over 30 years experience in the field, working with both individuals and groups in both private practice and as a clinical manager of a residential addiction treatment programme. Alongside his work with Self Space, Steve is also a lecturer in counselling and psychology at London South Bank University. He has extensive experience working with addiction and recovery amongst other issues such as anger, relationship challenges and codependency. Steve deeply values the trust cultivated in the clinical relationship and approaches sessions with clarity and groundedness.



Addiction, Attachment issues, Anger


Steve is currently not taking on new clients. 


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Frankie Mgbadike

MBACP, Therapeutic Counsellor, franklyn@theselfspace.com

Frankie is a solution-focused therapist, her compassionate and empathetic style will empower you to navigate difficulties while identifying and connecting with your inner strengths. She is trained in Transactional Analysis, and incorporates other modalities such as psychodynamic, CBT, humanistic, and person-centred in her therapeutic approach. Frankie has worked with individuals presenting with a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, substance misuse, sexual trauma & abuse, PTSD, OCD, and disordered eating. She demonstrates sensitivity to diversity, such as culture, race, spirituality, gender, and disability. Frankie is inclusive and welcomes you as you are - working alongside you to create a safe space tailored to your needs.



Childhood Trauma, Depression, Addiction

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Kenneth Aruwa

MBACP (Accredited) Integrative Counsellor, kenneth@theselfspace.com

Kenny is an integrative counsellor, who practices with warmth, empathy, and compassion. He has a grounding in humanistic approaches (particularly Person-Centred, Transactional Analysis, and Gestalt Therapy), alongside integrating practical and theoretical elements of Cognitive and Dialectical Behaviour Therapies. Kenny puts a real emphasis on providing a safe, comfortable, and accepting space for anyone and everyone, and at the core of his work are the non-judgmental and collaborative relationships he develops with his clients. Kenny is an anti-discriminatory practitioner who is keen to support anyone who needs counselling, regardless of where they’re coming from and where they’re going. He has a lot of experience working with neurodiverse clients, those who are transgender or questioning, and clients from varied ethnic backgrounds. His areas of specialism are depression, identity, self-development, and interpersonal relationships.



Depression, Identity, Grief

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Amma Acheampong

BACP, Therapist, amma@theselfspace.com
Amma (she/her) is a warm, compassionate and inclusive therapist who aims to offer a safe space for you to feel comfortable and be heard from session one. Amma is an integrative counsellor who practices with a model that takes into account your uniqueness as a person.  Amma believes that talking through your issues and making sense of how you are feeling can make you feel empowered and propel you to take action to make changes as you connect the dots.  Amma will engage with you to try and provide a deeper understanding of yourself. Amma has a specific interest in anxiety and depression resulting from the ‘isms’ and ‘shoulds’ in life and other social constructs that can impact your identity.  Amma has helped people with a range of issues including but not limited to workplace issues, stress, relationships, bereavement, body image, racial trauma, identity, self-esteem, and confidence, sexuality, neurodiversity and life transitions.
Anxiety, Depression, General Stress
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Florencia Ferrari

HCPC, Creative Clinical Psychologist, florencia@theselfspace.com

Florencia is a holistic and creative clinical psychologist, with an MA in Art Psychotherapy. She provides a safe and contained space for clients, with a passion for blending art, imagery, and the natural world to support each person’s unique healing journey. You don’t need to be an artist to do creative therapy - simply an open mind and willingness to connect with your creative self.  She works from a Jungian psychodynamic perspective using symbols, dreams, synchronicities and all those events that the mind cannot comprehend. She has also trained in Environmental Art Therapy, incorporating nature’s elements and metaphors into the therapeutic work. Through her warm and down-to-earth approach, she is experienced in supporting clients through a variety of challenges including PTSD, childhood trauma, depression, grief, self-worth and neurodiversity. (Languages: English, Spanish and basic Portuguese).

Childhood trauma, Depression, General stress
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Suzy Thackham

BACP, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, suzy@theselfspace.com

Suzy is a psychodynamic psychotherapist with experience working with a wide range of life issues. She will support you by creating a safe empathic space where you can unpack your thoughts and feelings, and together begin to make sense of what is going on for you. Suzy believes that gaining a more complete understanding of yourself will help you make better informed choices in order to build a more meaningful life. Her approach is collaborative and together you will work on the pieces that feel particularly difficult right now, specifically past or recent trauma, depression, complicated relationships and building confidence. 


Difficulties in relationships, childhood trauma and depression
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Alexandra Pomeroy

BACP, Integrative Counsellor, alexandra@theselfspace.com

Integratively trained in psychodynamic and person centred approaches with additional, specific cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) training; Alex has worked in education, NHS, private and charity sectors delivering counselling and training to clients of all ages alongside couples counselling. She is interested in and provides support with complex trauma, bereavement, comfort eating/weight issues and the psychological effects of menopausal transition.  Alex also works with stress, anxiety, depression, OCD, abuse, burnout and with existing or newly diagnosed ADHD/ASD. She provides a safe, confidential space where you can talk freely without fear of judgment or critique.  Come have a chat and let's get you back on track. Alex works Tuesdays online and Saturdays at Soho.


Grief, Neurodiversity, Childhood trauma
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Lisa Claire Peynado

BACP, Counsellor, lisac@theselfspace.com

Lisa has an integrative approach to her practice that is adaptable to your specific needs; she uses the strengths of different therapeutic modalities such as psychodynamic, CBT, NLP, mindfulness and motivational techniques that focuses on understanding how your thoughts and habits can create the desired changes you want for yourself. Lisa works with empathy and compassion and is solution focused as you explore your concerns. Lisa specialises in stress and anxiety, identity, personal development and confidence, body image, eating disorders and self-esteem with experience in working in the health and fitness industry, universities and corporate entities.


Body image, Confidence, Eating disorders
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Morgana Lines

UKCP, UPCA, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, morgana@theselfspace.com

Morgana is a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor, specialising in an integrative approach drawing on; Person-Centred, Psychodynamic and Existential theory. She believes that everyone is different, and their issues need different considerations. Morgana sees therapy as a way for us to make sense of your life up to this point; to explore what may be keeping you stuck in unhelpful ways of relating and coping; and to encourage honest discourse in a non-judgemental space for healthy, personal development. Morgana has worked with clients through relationship issues, grief, childhood trauma, anxiety and low mood.



Childhood Trauma, Grief, Relationships

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Finn Neary

Finn Neary

MA, HCPC, BAAT Psychotherapist finian@theselfspace.com

Finn is an experienced and empathetic psychotherapist. He creates an environment that is safe, authentic and non-judgemental. As the  therapeutic relationship is created you will always be met with warmth, kindness and calm. Whether you are seeking support to process grief, overcome traumatic experiences, manage stress, or simply develop healthier habits, the sessions will be tailored to your specific needs. Finn offers the use of creativity as a vehicle for self-expression and communication. He aims to support people to discover an outlet for complex or confusing feelings and foster self- awareness and personal growth. Therapy is an adventure and, like all adventures, it will involve ups and downs. Finn's approach is to walk that journey with you and give you the confidence to trust the process.



Anxiety, Depression, General stress


Finn is available on Fridays.

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Alessandra Vitarelli

BACP, Psychotherapist, alessandra@theselfspace.com

Alessandra is passionate about working with people to find a strong sense of self, building healthy relationships so that you can move towards healing. Together you’ll develop self awareness, increase insights that will help you to regulate your own emotions and have more control over your feelings, as well as unravel the roots of unresolved issues that are affecting you now. Alessandra uses an integrative approach having trained in Psychodynamic Therapy and short term Core Conflictual Relationship Therapy, a proven approach to changing thinking patterns and behaviours. Allesandra has worked with individuals struggling with anxiety, stress, relationships and childhood trauma.


Anxiety, General stress, Relationships

Alessandra is available online most days.

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Sophia Hafslund

HCPC, Creative Psychotherapist, sophia@theselfspace.com

Sophia holds a compassionate space, using individuals' natural creativity to connect with their feelings, challenges and resources. Together, you’ll explore how your experiences show up in your relationships, manifest in your body & nervous system and shape your self-beliefs, to foster greater self-awareness and freedom from feeling stuck.  Sophia is experienced in supporting individuals to process the bad stuff that happened (trauma, abuse, illness, bullying, loss), the good stuff that didn’t (feeling seen, soothed, safe and secure) and their impact including: low self-esteem, identity struggles, difficulty regulating emotions, relationship issues, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, dissociation.  Sophia is trained in EMDR, evidenced-based therapy for trauma and PTSD. Sophia has specialist training in Attachment-Informed EMDR that addresses the impact of our early experiences. Sophia’s practice draws on neuroscience, parts-work, somatics, compassionate inquiry and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

PTSD, Anxiety, Self Esteem
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Chloe Dacosta

BACP, Psychotherapist, chloe@theselfspace.com

Chloe's style of working is psychodynamic and built around your specific needs. In its simplest form, this involves thinking about how your past impacts your current lived experience. A process that involves thinking together about relationships in the past and present, whilst exploring unconscious thought processes. Chloe will work collaboratively within your framework of culture, sexuality, gender, class and ethnicity. Her areas of specialisms are anxiety, depression, identity, relationships & general stress.



Depression, Anxiety, Identity, General stress
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Christina Johnson

BPS, MHGI, ETSI, Human Givens Psychotherapist, christina@theselfspace.com

Christina is a kind, compassionate, gentle Human Givens psychotherapist with over thirty years experience working with young people, adults, couples and families.

Christina draws on tools and techniques from CBT, NLP, solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing, person centred counselling, somatic breathing and relaxation, guided imagery and hypnotherapy. Christina works with you in a gentle, collaborative way and her therapeutic approach is tailored to your individual needs, circumstances and goals. Christina's sessions are warm and relaxed, she will support you to work through and overcome the difficulties or obstacles that you feel may be holding you back. Her aim is for you to leave the first session feeling confident that change is possible.

Christina has supported people experiencing anxiety, stress and panic, OCD, phobias, depression, postnatal depression and anxiety, those with a history of domestic or childhood abuse, trauma and PTSD, birth trauma, alcohol and substance misuse, addictions and bereavement , loss and life transitions such as pregnancy, birth, and menopause.

Anxiety and OCD, Trauma, Addictions

Christina is available in Shoreditch on Sundays, and in Borough on Tuesdays.

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Sophie Gunnion Lasek

MA, HCPC Dramatherapist sophie@theselfspace.com

Sophie (she/her) is a Dramatherapist and Supervisor who colleagues have described as empathic, calm and reassuring. Sophie is deeply compassionate and wants to work with clients to support them in discovering their potential and connecting to their inner strengths, resilience, self worth and authentic selves. Sophie uses neuroscience and knowledge of how our brains respond to stress and trauma to inform her work as a therapist and supervisor. She is influenced by psychology and philosophy which shed light on the realities, challenges and joys of being human.

Sophie specialises in anxiety, low self esteem, attachment and developing self-compassion and has experience with a range of needs including low mood, grief, loss, trauma and painful relationship dynamics. She will help you consider and understand your emotional needs, where they come from and how you can help yourself meet your needs to find more inner peace.



Anxiety, General stress, Relationships

Sophie is available virtually on Tuesdays.

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Mark Hunte

MBACP Intercultural Counsellor mark@theselfspace.com

Mark (he/him) uses a person-centred approach to help you in navigating through your challenges in order to achieve long term wellness. He does this by helping you become aware of the impact that your external experiences can have on you, whether this be at work, at home or in the wider world. Mark's warmth and gentle nature alongside his experience of working with both youth and adult clients; will provide a comfortable and confidential space for you to explore your thoughts and emotions, while providing you with the tools to achieve your wellness goals. Mark specialises in workplace relationships, coping with stress and exploring your identity.


General stress, Identity, Work relationships


Mark is available online most days.

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Jonathan Feld

Msc, MBACP, Therapist, jonathan@theselfspace.com

Jonathan practices an empathetic, integrative therapy drawn from different schools of psychological theory, such as cognitive, motivational & person-centred. He caters to your individual needs; are you experiencing low mood? feeling overwhelmed? distressed or fatigue? living with anxiety? struggling with intrusive thoughts?. Whether this affects your work, personal life or family relationships he has successfully empowered people for over 30+ years through safe nurturing processes as a corporate coach and a therapist; supporting depression, anxiety, self-esteem, grief & loss, imposter syndrome, couples, alcoholism & addictions. He has worked in crisis response, criminal justice & with community NHS mental health teams. He speaks English & French and is available face to face and virtually.



Anxious in social situations, Trauma, Addiction, Work stress


Jonathan is available online most days, and Sundays in Shoreditch.


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Beatrice Mascione

Beatrice Mascione

MBACP, Therapist, beatrice@theselfspace.com

Beatrice is a warm and down to earth integrative therapist. With a dynamic and jargon free approach, she focuses on exploring and challenging what stands between you and the life you want. She believes you always hold the power to write the next chapter, no matter what your story has been.With a 10-year experience supporting adults and adolescents across London, Beatrice is confident in working with a wide variety of psychological issues. She now specialises in working with self-sabotage and dismantling the thoughts, habits and behaviours that hold you back. At Self Space, she sees clients 1:1 alongside being part of the psychoeducation team. Beatrice offers sessions in English & Italian.


Beatrice is available on Wednesdays and Fridays virtually

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Oana Chiru

BACP, Psychotherapist, oana@theselfspace.com.

Oana works therapeutically with individuals, couples and families in both long and short term interventions. She uses a multi-model integrative approach, combining various schools of thought and therapy within her practice. She believes that every person’s specific needs can be met in a warm, supportive, non-judgmental environment. Oana believes that we have the resources for change and personal growth inside us, that having someone to listen and guide you to different perspectives will help you to find where the roots of pain or confusion begin, and unravel this together. Oana can support you with anxiety, low mood, identity, relationship troubles, self-esteem and confidence.



Anxiety, Depression, Childhood trauma

Oana is available online most days.

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Simone Riviere

MA, MBACP, Integrative Psychotherapist, simone@theselfspace.com

Simone is a compassionate Integrative Psychotherapist with over 15 years’ experience working within mental health and wellbeing. She is also a qualified coach, mentor and advisor who recognises that some of the experiences we have had may lead us to search for a safe space where we can tune into ourselves without feeling judged. Her experience includes but is not limited to working with depression, anxiety, trauma, confidence, working through family/relationship challenges, work situations, identifying patterns of self-sabotage, coping with loss and grief, and experiences that feel as though they are impeding on healthy functioning. As an Integrative therapist she tunes into her clients from a place of what they need and what works best for them, where clients feel more refreshed with a sense of feeling heard, without distractions.



Anxiety, Depression, Grief, PTSD

Simone is available online on Wednesdays and Fridays, and in Shoreditch on Thursdays.

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Gemma Latimer

MSc, UKCP, MBACP  Gestalt Psychotherapist gemma@theselfspace.com

As a Gestalt Psychotherapist, Gemma (she/her) will support you in exploring their experiences and needs often creatively or experientially to understand themselves more fully. She specialises in working with supporting anxiety, depression, loss, trauma, relationship, pregnancy and low self-esteem.  As a process specialist, Gemma is particularly interested in ‘how’ words are communicated by noticing accompanying energy, tone and movement.  She has a warm and accepting presence and assists clients in growing resources, to self-compassionately see how energy may have become stuck and discover how they might begin to free themselves to feel alive and empowered.



Confidence, Relationships, Self-esteem


Gemma is available online Monday to Wednesday.

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Lynne Blundell

BA BACP, BPS Counsellor lynne@theselfspace.com

Lynne (she/her) is an Integrative Therapist, whose work is grounded in a Person-Centred approach. She uses a range of therapeutic models including Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Art Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) and Therapeutic Journaling. She is a warm and empathic counsellor, deep thinking and intuitive. Lynne sees the relationship between individual and counsellor as integral and will work creatively with you to find the right process and therapy style. Lynne is LGBTQ+ affirmative and identifies as a bisexual cis woman. She has significant experience working with people who have experienced domestic abuse, addiction, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bereavement, grief, self-harm, suicidal ideation, miscarriage, childhood abuse, relationship difficulties and chronic health problems. Lynne is also a 'Spatial Anxiety' Researcher and is currently completing her MSc in Psychology.


Anxiety, Body image, Trauma


Lynne is available online most days.

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Dimuthu Fonseka

MBACP Psychotherapist, dimuthu@theselfspace.com

Dimuthu is an integrative psychotherapist who will draw from a variety of different therapeutic modalities to find what would best suit your needs. Dimuthu offers a safe space where you can explore how your experiences and beliefs might hold you back. She believes that if our patterns are explored together in the presence of someone attentive and empathetic, we can begin to understand the reasons they were created. She believes trauma can be stored in our bodies, often un-symbolised, beyond language, and on the edge of our awareness. Dimuthu specialises in working with trauma through psychotherapy and body based approaches, pulling from over a decade of teaching yoga and meditation. Working sensitively with the body in this way means we can potentially re-integrate those parts which may have been denied or forgotten.



Childhood trauma, Relationships, Depression


Dimuthu is available online on Mondays and Tuesdays, and in Shoreditch on Fridays.

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Robin Hogg

MBACP Integrative Counsellor Robin@theselfspace.com

Robin (he/him) is a compassionate, warm and supportive counsellor with a direct approach, who will help you understand why you are reacting to circumstances in the way you do. He is very experienced in supporting people with a range of difficulties including but not limited to grief, bereavement, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD anger management, relationships, low mood, low self esteem, stress management and suicidality.

He brings a blend of knowledge, skills and life experience to sessions and always tailors a dynamic and at times fast-moving session to your needs.

He will help you to navigate the overwhelming feelings and emotions that are present, then, hold the mirror up to yourself in a strong but gentle way in order to support you in either accepting the things impacting you or changing your response to them.  Robin has a passion to provide a positive, safe and nurturing therapeutic journey so you can explore the areas that are worrying you. Sometimes we need to say life is shit and Robin is not afraid to just say it how it is.


Grief, PTSD, Anxiety


Robin is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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Rachel Bloggs

Rachel Bloggs

UKCP, Psychotherapist, rachel@theselfspace.com

Rachel is an integrative psychotherapist who specialises in working with trauma. Her approach is primarily to meet your needs collaboratively within the therapy room. Rachel works creatively to help you access a deeper understanding of what you are working through. She has experience working with children, adolescents and adults. Her particular expertise is working with clients who are experiencing PTSD, dissociation, trauma within the body, developmental trauma (various traumas throughout a person's life), depression, loss and grief.



Childhood trauma, PTSD, Sexual trauma

Rachel is available online on Tuesdays, and in Shoreditch on Mondays and Fridays.

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Tahirah Yasin

MBACP Psychotherapist, tahirah@theselfspace.com

Tahirah is an experienced integrative psychotherapist, who works in depth with clients. Tahirah holds each client with unconditional positive regard and aims to create a safe therapeutic space where you can share. She works intuitively helping you get to the heart of the matter with compassion, understanding and acceptance. Tahirah is a culturally/faith aware therapist. She uses her lived experience from her diverse background to connect, guide and support clients from all walks of life. She works with adults, children and adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, loss, low self esteem, relationships, life direction, stress, burnout and spiritual disconnection. Her speciality is trauma and Neurodiversity. She offers sessions in English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.


PTSD, Childhood trauma, Sexual trauma


Tahirah is available on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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Shanelle McIntyre

MSc, MBACP Psychotherapist shanelle@theselfspace.com

Shanelle (she/her) is a warm and down to earth counsellor and psychotherapist. As a Person-Centred therapist she will create safe, non-judgemental space in supporting you towards deeper self- understanding, growth, and facilitating change in your life. Her practice is creative and tailored to your needs, collaborating with you in exploring your unique emotions, experiences, and relationships. Shanelle is committed to helping you reach your therapeutic goals, and is experienced in brief solution focused therapy as well as longer-term therapy. Shanelle is experienced in supporting people with a range of difficulties; anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, trauma, loss, bereavement, depression, relationship issues, workplace issues, gender and sexuality, cultural and identity difficulties.


Anxiety, Self esteem, General stress


Shanelle is available on Fridays.

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Rubia Campera

BACP, Psychotherapist, rubia@theselfspace.com
Rubia is an integrative psychotherapist who specialises in working with neurodivergent and multicultural clients for the past 20 years in a variety of different settings. She is a trauma-informed therapist whose approach is holistic, creative and warm. She uses her lived experience to connect, guide and support clients from all walks of life through periods of overwhelm. Through her practice, she offers a safe, collaborative and non-judgemental space, where you can talk openly and practice new ways of being. Rubia will support and guide you through your own journey of self-awareness with compassion and connection. Rubia uses elements of neuroscience, NLP, restorative yoga, EMDR and Chinese medicine alongside her therapy practice to support clients dealing with the impact of trauma within their bodies. Some of the common themes of her current practice are: understanding of ADHD, ASD & other diagnoses, anxiety, depression, burnout & work-related stress, loss, guilt and shame, and relationship issues. Rubia can work in English and Portuguese.

 Relationships, trauma & emotional regulation via Bodymind.

Rubia is available on Thursdays and Fridays.

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Roice Durand

Roice Durand

UKCP Psychotherapist roice@theselfspace.com

Roice (she/her) is a Systemic and Family psychotherapist with an interest in building on individual and family strengths in approaching the past and present complexities of life. Roice’s working experience is diverse and includes working with people regarding cultural difference and identity, grief including ambiguous loss, racial trauma, community trauma, sexual identity, anxiety, depression, and difficulties faced during significant life transitions: relationship breakdown, leaving home, parenthood & employment changes. She has an interest in the way we relate to ourselves, and others, and these experiences are felt within our bodies. Roice is empathetic and energetic in her approach to support others to understand these experiences and gain a sense of control over ourselves when our bodies are overwhelmed by emotions.


Grief, Relationships, Self esteem


Roice is available on Fridays.

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Chiara Stoten

MBACP Integrative Counsellor, chiara@theselfspace.com

Chiara (she/her) is an integrative therapist. She works dynamically with a mix of humanistic, person centred, existential and psychodynamic models, to find what works best for you. This might look like making links from your past to the present or just focusing on the here and now, or a mixture of the two. Chiara has experience working with trauma, BPD, ADHD, anger issues, relational issues, abuse, anxiety, stress, depression, dissociation, loss, working with carers, life transitions, and her practice is LGBTQ+ affirmative. Chiara has a lot of experience with young people, adolescents and adults, as well as older adults and really enjoys the process of getting to know somebody through working together.


PTSD, Anxiety, General stress


Chiara is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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Ana Mesinezi

MSc, MBACP Psychotherapist, ana@theselfspace.com

Ana is an Integrative counsellor as well as a qualified CBT therapist. Ana is an empathic and compassionate practitioner and is experienced in developing relationships with clients. In her practice, she provides a safe and non-judgemental space, helping you to explore and navigate difficult emotions and life’s ups and downs. Her aim is to identify and break unhealthy patterns of behaviour and come to a place where you feel more empowered. Ana’s area of expertise includes relationship issues, emotional and psychological abuse, expat life challenges, body image issues, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. In addition, she has experience working with clients in the autism spectrum as well as young people between the ages of 16 and 25. She offers sessions in Greek, English, Bulgarian, Italian, and German.


Body Image, Anxiety, Relationships


Ana is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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Valeria Bono

MBACP Counsellor & Coach valeria@theselfspace.com

Valeria is an integrative counsellor and coach with over 20 years of experience working in social care and wellbeing services. She strongly believes that each individual is so much more than what is on the surface and the situation that they’ve found themselves in. Through her counselling and coaching, Valeria can help you find clarity and help you to deal with the fear of change, worries and self-sabotage. Her area of expertise includes relationship issues, expat life challenges, managing emotions, low self-esteem, chronic disease, and career change. She uses a tailored approach, through different types of therapeutic techniques and tools, such as solution focused, meditation and action plans to ensure the sessions work for you. She will help you to find your own unique way to overcome your daily challenges and break negative patterns of behaviour. She offers sessions in Italian and English.


Confidence, General stress, Relationships


Valeria is available online on Tuesdays, and in Borough on Thursdays and Fridays.

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Lisa Mcevoy

BACP, Psychotherapist, lisam@theselfspace.com

Lisa is a compassionate integrative psychotherapist and mindfulness practitioner, experienced in supporting a diverse community of people with a range of difficulties including but not limited to anxiety and depression, bereavement and loss, addictions, trauma and PTSD, anger management, stress management and self-esteem issues. She brings a holistic whole-body approach to mental health and wellbeing, and depending on individual needs and goals, she is able to draw on different approaches and methods including CBT, person-centred and psychodynamic therapies, whilst incorporating evidence based strategies and practises from mindfulness based approaches and positive psychology to help facilitate healing and personal growth. Lisa is passionate about helping people to live well and her aim is to provide you with a warm, safe, non-judgemental therapeutic relationship so that you can explore your difficulties and find a way forward to living your life with greater freedom and ease.


Anxiety, General stress, Childhood trauma
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Pearline Blackstock

MBACP Psychotherapist pearline@theselfspace.com

Pearline has been counselling for over 20 years and in this time has delivered multi modal therapies, including psychodynamic, psychotherapeutic and psychoeducational interventions. Pearline is also qualified as a Compassion Focussed Therapist and will meet you mindfully, wherever you find yourself when you’re in the therapy room and help you to achieve positive change in your life. Her specialisms include working with people presenting with emotion dysregulation caused by lived traumatic experience, the mental health impact of racism and discrimination and the disabling effects of anxiety, depression, drug dependency and addiction. She’s also experienced working with people presenting with complex mental health and dual diagnosis. Pearline has worked with an eclectic range of people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, gender expression, faith and sexual orientation.


Addiction, Anxiety, Relationships

Pearline is available online on Thursdays, in Shoreditch on Sundays and Mondays, and in Borough on Tuesdays.

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Siggy Verelst

Siggy Verelst

BACP, Psychotherapist, siggy@theselfsapce.com

Siggy is an integrative therapist with 12 years of experience in adult and adolescent therapy. She focuses on generating greater self-understanding and self-love and is interested in the development of one's own uniqueness. She is skilled in dealing with the complexities of life and contrasting feelings and desires, as well as seemingly trivial issues that can trigger big feelings of anxiety and self-doubt. Siggy's clients feel comfortable and seen during their therapy sessions, thanks to her warm and welcoming approach. She’s interested in what makes us humans feel contented and alive. Siggy specialises in relationships, purpose, identity, fears and phobias, infidelity, dating, existential confusion, anxiety, self-esteem and confidence.

Siggy is available online. 

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Mycah Tequeron

Mycah Tequeron

BADth, MA, HCPC Therapist mycah@theselfspace.com

Mycah (he/him) has a psychodynamic integrative approach to his practice which is built on an honest and open commitment to validating your lived experience. Mycah has broad experience over many areas, including childhood adversity, schizophrenia, mutism, BPD, autism, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, family/relationship issues, understanding unhealthy patterns of behaviour, cultural trauma, suicide ideation, emotional abuse victims, life patterns and depression. His practice supports the development of confidence, esteem, and a stronger sense of self. He encourages the opportunity for people to explore and gain greater awareness and understanding of themselves, situations, and relationships. Mycah's practice is informed by different therapeutic practices from; creative arts therapies, DBT, DVT, mindfulness and psychology. Mycah's practice is LGBTQ+ affirmative, including training from charity Gendered Intelligence.


Anxiety, PTSD, Relationships


Mycah is available on Wednesdays at our Borough location, and on Fridays at our Shoreditch location.

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Kae Spencer

BA, MBCAP, Dip Psychotherapist kae@theselfspace.com

Kae is an Integrative Therapist, working integratively means she can tailor therapy to suit each individual, and your particular needs. Kae has a person centered approach to the way she works, encouraging openness, autonomy, empowerment, and self-compassion. She incorporates various therapeutic models including; Compassion Focused Therapy, Humanistic Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She is a warm, deeply empathic and insightful person, and is committed to your well-being, aiming to help you to feel seen, heard, and safe throughout your time together. Kae has experience in working with people who have experienced; depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, eating disorders, suicidal ideation, relationship breakdown, and specialises in body image, and disordered eating. Kae is currently completing an MA in Psychotherapy & Counselling.


Anxiety, Body image, Disordered eating

Kae is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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Stephen Buck

MBACP (Accredited) Integrative Counsellor stephen@theselfspace.com

Stephen is an experienced and creative Senior Counsellor with a broad and diverse clinical expertise. He uses a tailored approach, drawing from a variety of psychological approaches to ensure the sessions work for you. Stephen aims to generate an environment that is equal, free, professional and open at all times to joint collaboration, adjustment and review. He brings his own creative and international experience from working in both corporate and the not-for-profit sector to his practice. Stephen's specialism is the management of high-risk cases and creating bespoke clinical pathways for the individual. Stephen has experience working with anxiety, low mood, relationship struggles, stress and inner conflict, sexuality, LGBTQI+ issues, workplace stress, abuse, disability, body image, bullying and harassment.


Anxiety, Identity, Body image

Stephen is available on Fridays at Soho.

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Dr. Ravi Gill

DProf, BPS, HCPC Practitioner Psychologist / Chartered Health Psychologist ravi@theselfspace.com

Ravi works using a person centred, solution focused approach within sessions, incorporating elements of cognitive behavioural therapy while encouraging you to explore and develop a greater understanding of yourself. Ravi’s clinical experience covers a wide range of presentations including: complex mental health such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality disorders and dual diagnosis clients. As well as managing anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues and lifestyle changes. She has both clinical NHS experience; working within crisis response and community mental health teams and within the private sector. Other clinical experience includes supporting those with PTSD and complex trauma within Occupational Health settings for the Metropolitan Police Service.

General stress, PTSD, Depression
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Avital Bitan

MBACP Psychotherapist avital@theselfspace.com

Avital is a warm, direct and empathic therapist who primarily uses a person-centred counselling approach.  She uses different modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) to help support self-exploration with the aim to facilitate growth and develop a deeper sense of self-awareness. Avital has experience working in different mental health settings supporting clients with eating disorders, disordered eating, self-harming behaviours, low self-esteem, low confidence anxiety, and depression.



Anxiety, Depression, Disordered eating

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Gosia Czerwien-Kikla

MA, BAAT, HCPC Creative Psychotherapist, EMDR Therapist gosia@theselfspace.com

Gosia’s practice is compassionate and creative, she is passionate about supporting you in your journey to self-discovery, freedom and growth. Gosia is a trauma informed therapist and through her practice, she developed a specialism in psychological trauma and various ways in which trauma can be manifested in the body. She is trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapy), which is one of the specialist treatments for PTSD and helps to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories. Gosia's goal is to help you to discover and understand yourself fully so that you can stay grounded and enjoy the present. She has worked in the NHS for over 5 years and is experienced in working with trauma, anxiety, depression and bereavement.



Anxiety, PTSD, Childhood trauma


Gosia is available in Shoreditch on Mondays and Soho on Tuesdays.

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Adele Ambris

MBACP Psychodynamic Therapist      adele@theselfspace.com

Adele (she/her) is a dedicated therapist providing a warm and confidential space that allows you to explore areas of your life that you may be struggling with. She aims to raise your level of awareness exploring patterns of behaviour and exploring their helpfulness in the here and now. Adele provides a safe space by building trust within the therapeutic relationship and ultimately empowering you as an individual, returning to a sense of autonomy and effecting lasting change.  She has experience with a wide range of presenting issues including anxiety, depression, bereavement, social anxiety, long term illness, workplace stress and anxiety, life transitions, relationship issues and she has also supported those with mental health diagnosis. Adele has a background in Psychodynamic therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and provides both short term and open-ended therapy. Within your sessions you will receive a dynamic and individually tailored therapy, using both modalities to enable behavioural changes and psychoeducation.



Depression, Anxiety, General stress


Adele is available online most days.

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Sophie O’Kelly

MBACP  Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor   sophieokelly@theselfspace.com

Sophie offers a warm, grounded and safe therapeutic space where you can talk about difficult things. She supports those struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, emotional overwhelm, big life changes, relationship difficulties and loss. Together you'll look at how the past might be impacting the present day and what's going on in the here and now. Sophie has experience working with young people and has previously worked for the NHS.



Childhood trauma, Depression, General stress


Sophie is available online on Tuesdays and in Borough on Wednesdays.

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Sienna Rose Weller

MA, BACP  Psychotherapist sienna@theselfspace.com

Sienna is an Integrative Psychotherapist. She has studied psychology and movement for the past ten years in the United States, and later specialised in Somatic Psychotherapy. Her practice centers the power of care and curiosity to develop resilience and self-advocacy to navigate life’s core challenges. Sienna specialises in anxiety, depression, intimacy and relationships, low self-esteem as well as trauma with a focus on healing histories of domestic violence and narcissistic abuse (both familial and interpersonal). Sessions can involve breath-work, and creative experimentation in conjunction with a range of talk-based methods.



Anxiety, PTSD, Intimacy, Relationships

Sienna is currently not taking on new face-to-face clients. 

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Nathalie Friel

HCPC Creative Therapist nathalie@theselfspace.com

Nathalie (she/her) is an integrative creative therapist. She aims to facilitate a safe, collaborative and permission-giving therapeutic space, for clients to reconnect with themselves. Creative exploration is encouraged but completely optional within the therapy room, if you feel more comfortable talking, that's supported too. Nathalie has experience working with trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, loss, neurodiversity, suicide ideation, those suffering with longtime health issues, adopted people and carers, relationship difficulties, work stress, family estrangement, and LGBTQ+ issues.



Anxiety, Work stress, Relationships


Nathalie will be moving to virtual sessions only and will only be taking on new virtual clients.

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Chris Eggleton

Chris Eggleton

BACP accredited Integrative Counsellor chris.eggleton@theselfspace.com

Chris Eggleton (he/him) has significant experience as a BACP accredited Integrative counsellor working in the NHS and private practice to successfully address a wide variety of emotional and psychological issues, including the challenges of depression, anxiety, stress, abuse, low self-esteem, loss, grief and drug and alcohol misuse. As a counsellor he has been consistently among the most successful practitioners in the NHS. He specialises in working with you to gain a true understanding of the role of your life experience in the challenges you may face today, so enabling you to achieve the lasting change and long-term wellbeing that you deserve.



Addiction, Grief, Substance misuse

Chris is available on Tuesdays.

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Sara Duffy

Sara Duffy

Registered MBACP (Accred) Integrative Counsellor sara@theselfspace.com

Sara (she/her) has a warm, genuine and empathic style and offers an integrative and relational model to help you to explore your beliefs and values. By learning to identify and experience our feelings and where they come from, we can understand ourselves better. With greater awareness Sara believes we have more freedom to make choices about our lives that really benefit us, and she can support you in making changes that feel right for you. Her experience includes working at a Fertility clinic helping support people on their journey to start a family, working with survivors of child sexual abuse, grief, loss, anxiety, self confidence and family issues.



Fertility, Identity, Relationships


Sara is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Andy Critchley

MA, HCPC, BADth Senior Therapist andy@theselfspace.com

Andy (he/him) has a warm, empathic and dynamic approach. As a therapist in NHS mental well-being services he has worked with a wide spectrum of need including self esteem, isolation, low mood, anxiety, formative relationships, loss, transition, understanding patterns of behaviour, realising potential and celebrating being yourself. Andy believes therapy can be challenging but also kind, inspiring, collaborative and sometimes fun. Andy's practice is LGBTQ+ affirmative.



Identity, Grief, Relationships


Andy is available on Mondays and Fridays.

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Ryan Campinho Valadas

MA, HCPC, COSRT Integrative Psychosexual Therapist ryan@theselfspace.com

Ryan is a queer-identifying and queer-affirming integrative therapist. His approach focuses on reframing perspectives, proactive action, feelings of aliveness, and self-compassion. Ryan works as an individual, couples, and group therapist, and has worked with substance misuse, sexual health, trauma, LGBTQIA + wellbeing, general adult mental health, and children’s mental health within education. This has given him a well-rounded understanding of a person’s lifespan, as well as the importance of relationships in our lives. His psychosexual and relationships practice is based upon building healthier connections to identity, pleasure, relationships, and life journeys. Ryan is keen to support individuals and relationships around communication challenges, influence of social and cultural narratives, healing from sexual shame, recovering from sexual trauma, sexual wellbeing and pleasure, consensual non-monogamy, and diverse sexual and gender identities.

Sex, Relationships, LGBTQIA+ wellbeing
Ryan is currently not taking on new clients.
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Dr. Dee Khaira

BSc (Hons), MSc, DClinPsych, HCPC Clinical Psychologist dee@theselfspace.com

Dee (she/her) believes in being a down-to-earth, approachable, compassionate psychologist. She strives to support those who are struggling emotionally in working with them to create a meaningful and fulfilling life, with a focus on strength and wellness, in all aspects. Her approach to managing emotional difficulties is in a way that builds resilience for life-long self-care and emotional wellbeing. Dee has experience of working with people of all ages, both in the NHS and in private practice, and likes to work in a client-led, integrated and creative way, with different therapeutic approaches, including: CBT, ACT, DBT, MBCT, narrative and systemic approaches. She has experience in helping people with managing emotions (a variety of anxieties and mood-related issues), stress (including career-related, health-related and study or work-related stress), relationship breakdown, cultural identity and physical health issues.



Childhood Trauma, PTSD, Body image


Dee is available on Saturdays.

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Airen Koopmans

MA, HCPC, BADth Therapist airen@theselfspace.com

Airen (she/her) is a warm, grounded and creative therapist who individually tailors sessions to your needs and towards long-lasting, positive change. Airen has extensive experience in supporting people with stress, anxiety, low mood, relationship difficulties, codependency, eating disorders and addictions. She is specialised in offering Internal Family Systems Therapy sessions. Airen is able to offer therapy sessions in English as well as Dutch.


Addiction, Disordered eating, Childhood trauma


Airen is currently not taking on new clients.

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Individual FAQs

  • What is Self Space?

    Self Space is a contemporary mental health service, offering therapy to individuals, couples and also companies. In a world which is sometimes challenging, frightening, overwhelming, complex and seriously hard to navigate it’s not surprising that sometimes we don’t feel ok. Everyday mental maintenance is an essential part of surviving. Self Space sets out to provide that.

  • How is Self Space keeping its clients and therapists safe during the Covid-19 pandemic?

    We continue to offer our clients face-to-face sessions as well as virtual sessions. We remain very conscious of the safety of our clients and our therapists. As such we continue to risk assess our spaces to ensure total compliance with latest government regulations. This includes readily available access to hand sanitisers, the use of masks where they do not cause our clients severe distress, social distancing, and thorough and regular cleaning of our spaces.

  • Who is Self Space suitable for?

    At Self Space we aim to be inclusive of everyone and we like to think our therapists reflect the diversity of our clients. We are unable to help with acute psychiatric or suicidal crises; if a client is suicidal, they will be encouraged to contact the emergency services. They may also contact www.samaritans.org or telephone them on 116 123 (UK). If you are being supported by Community Mental Health Services or receiving treatment for acute mental health issues, please do speak in the first instance to the relevant agency for advice and further support.

  • How much does it cost?

    For individual sessions pricing starts at £60 for a 30-minute session and goes up to £80 for a 50-minute session. Our student sessions are a useful option if you’re studying and in need of someone to talk to at £60 for a 50-minute session. Couples? We got you! A 50-minute session is priced at £100. If you’re looking buy some sessions in bulk, we offer some great discounts which you can find here: https://theselfspace.com/buy/

  • How do I book?

    You can either book on our website by clicking here or you can download our app from both the App store and the Google Play Store. Once you’ve registered your account, booking should be a breeze. If it’s not, please reach out to hey@theselfspace.com and we’ll help you book in.

  • How do I know which therapist is right for me?

    We’d recommend heading to our Therapists page to have a look at our therapists and what they specialise in as your first step. We are proud to have such an eclectic and diverse mix of practitioners on our team but this can sometimes make choosing a therapist a little overwhelming. If you’re finding it hard to make a decision we would invite you to fill in our Therapist Match Form, then a real human member of our team will get back to you with 2-3 therapists that we think might be a good fit for you. It’s important to remember, if you don’t feel you made the right choice after your first session, you can choose a different therapist for your next session, we promise they won’t be offended! Therapy is there to help YOU.

  • Can I see a different therapist every time?

    If it doesn’t work out with one therapist, then of course we encourage you to find one that feels right. However, we do discourage ‘therapist hopping’ as it won’t help you move forward on your therapeutic journey.

    If you’re having trouble choosing the right therapist, we’d encourage you to reach out to us on hey@theselfspace.com or you can fill in our Therapist Matching Form here.

  • What happens if I cancel or want to re-arrange a session?

    Sometimes life gets in the way and you can’t make a session, we get it. If you give us 48 hours notice, we will happily cancel or reschedule your appointment. If when cancelling you give us 48 hours’ notice we will pop the credit right back into your Self Space account, ready to be used whenever you need it. We have a no refund policy for cancellations or no shows, this is because it’s often hard to fill these empty spaces. If you cancel without giving us enough notice, you will still be charged for the session.

    If you are a Self In The City client booking through your work and you cancel without giving us enough notice, the session will be taken from your companies account and it will be taken from your personal allowance.

    Please find our cancellation policy here.

  • How long do I have to use up the package purchased?

    If you purchase a bundle of sessions, you will have up to 12 months to use these up.

  • Can I contact my therapist in between sessions?

    If you want to drop them an email asking if your session can be moved from virtual to face-to-face or vice versa, please go ahead. You can find emails on our team page here. For rescheduling sessions please contact hey@theselfspace.com Any other contact between you and your therapist between sessions is discouraged. If you feel you are in a vulnerable situation and need help fast, please call the emergency services or contact www.samaritans.org or telephone them on 116 123 (UK).

  • Are Self Space sessions confidential?

    Trust is an integral part of a therapist-client relationship; therefore, all Self Space sessions will be kept confidential. However there might be certain circumstances where the therapist may have to consider breaking a client’s confidence for their own safety. This could be if there is a risk of immediate harm to the client or to another person. The therapist will explain how they work at your first Self Space session. In some situations, it might be necessary for therapists to share notes, for example if you see more than one therapist.

  • Where does the therapy take place?

    We currently have spaces in Borough, Rivington Street and Manchester where you can see your therapist face to face. If you’d prefer a virtual session, we’ve got you, you can select the virtual location from the drop down menu or book in with any of our therapists at a face to face location and let us know you’d like the session to be virtual. You can email us on hey@theselfspace.com, write it in the ‘notes’ section when booking on the app or email your therapist directly.

  • Do you offer therapy for employees or workshops for businesses?

    We do! We know that managing a team can be hard work. In the modern world more and more workers are finding the pressures of work and life to be tough, we offer a range of bundles and workshops that will help to make both their lives and yours better. Head to our Business page to find out more, or email hey@theselfspace.com with any questions you have.

  • What if I’m unhappy with the service?

    We’re sorry if you’re unhappy with Self Space. Please reach out to our customer service team who are here to help. Contact: hey@theselfspace.com. We also have a Complaints Procedure so please ask for this if you feel you want to pursue a complaint.

  • I am not receiving Self Space notifications. What can I do?

    In order to receive email notifications from Self Space containing updates on Session bookings, changes and cancellations, you will need to ensure you have enabled email notifications on your account.

    If you are using the Self Space mobile app, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your account via the mobile app.
    2. Go to Settings.
    3. Enable “Send confirmation emails”:

    If you are using the web platform, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your account via the link at the top of the website.
    2. Under Your Account > Info tab, scroll to the section called Communication Preferences. Click Edit Communication Preferences link.
    3. In the new window ensure notifications for Account Management and Schedule Updates are checked for Email. You can also turn notifications on for text as well, however we will primarily use email to communicate with you.
    4. Click Save to commit your changes.

Practitioner FAQs

  • What are the benefits of working as part of the team at Self Space?

    Working with Self Space means that you have access to our beautifully designed therapy spaces meaning that you won’t need to find and pay for your own premises from which to see clients. Self Space will be marketing and promoting the service as widely as possible and as a therapist you will of course benefit from this as the business grows. We believe very much in a collaborative and team approach to the way that the service is developed and delivered, our aim is include our practitioners in decisions as we grow.

    We are building an amazing community of passionate practitioners and we encourage the sharing of general practice issues, social events and links to other growth opportunities within our internal social channels. We also schedule regular supervision, CPD trainings and socials. We offer Customer Service, Technical and Clinical support for all of our team.

    Self Space values flexibility and autonomy in therapeutic approach and schedule and ask that therapists take control of their own calendar – you can diary your availability to suit.

    We are a contemporary company, drawing upon our Director’s experience of providing credible mental well being and enrichment services in education. You will be part of our aspirations to evolve in such a way that the term mental illness becomes a household term without stigma and shame. We can only achieve that with excellent, committed and professional therapists who are fully signed up to our ethos.

  • How do I apply to be a Self Space Therapist?

    Self Space Therapists need to be registered with their appropriate regulatory body (e.g. HCPC, UKCP) and at least 3 years of relevant experience in the field. The first step to apply will be to express an interest by completing a simple application form. Depending upon the outcome of the initial application, you may either be asked to submit a CV and details of two referees or we may respond to say that, on this occasion, we are unable to take your application forward. If we are interested in hearing more about you, you will be asked to attend an interview before a final decision is made.

Question not here/answered?


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Founded in 2017, Self Space was launched to help address a growing need for accessible and contemporary mental health support.

We provide flexible, forward thinking therapy to individuals and for some of the most progressive global companies from a broad range of creative and corporate industries, including tech, finance, advertising, marketing, hospitality and fashion.

Our mission is to revolutionise the culture around accessing mental health support, making it more commonplace and aspirational, in the same way most of us think about our physical health.

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