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What is Psychoeducation?

Psychoeducation is a highly structured approach to sharing knowledge, insight and practical support on mental health challenges with those that are most impacted by them. Whilst this often includes the client themselves, our Psychoeducation Team works exclusively with businesses, applying the same methods and principles to help teams better understand and support their staff during challenging times, both personally and professionally. 


As therapists, we have a very privileged insight into the common challenges of our time and culture. Drawing upon these insights, we’ve carefully curated workshops and training programmes that hold in mind the humanness of being messy, the power of shared experience and the groundedness of feeling more aware. 

Tools For Leaders

Tools For Leaders is a comprehensive mental health training programme specifically for managers and senior leadership teams, laying the foundation for compassionate leadership in the contemporary workplace.


Line managers play a vital role in identifying and managing stress within the organisation and it is essential that they have the skills and behaviours to be able to manage these situations. In this CPD-certified course, we focus on supporting you to better address mental health at work in an empathetic and practical way, teaching you how to model openness – and how this can positively impact your teams and the wider company.


Everyone who comes onto our training gets a takeaway of tools that are easy to understand, relatable to real life, quick to implement and attend to wellbeing in a human way, supporting managers to engage with their employees in a different way than before. Human first, manager second.

Mental Health Champion by Self Space

Mental Health Champions

Surpassing traditional Mental Health First Aid, this isn’t just training; it’s a game-changer, sparking a transformative, positive shift in how we approach mental health at work. Led by qualified therapists, our training does more than raise awareness, or signpost you to appropriate support services (though that can be helpful too). It enables you to evolve into leaders, listeners, and culture influencers, equipped to support others – and yourself – effectively.


After building a foundation of awareness, this course offers you the chance to reflect on what makes mental health conversations at work so tricky. Drawing upon counselling skills, we’ll share  a toolbox of good practice to support you in facilitating meaningful mental health discussions with your customers and colleagues, getting you to a place of feeling confident and well-resourced when it comes to mental health awareness, signposting, empathetic listening and personal mental maintenance.


Short on time. Big on impact.

Our workshops encourage open conversations, empathy, and a commitment to a workplace that supports both professional and personal growth. We’ll  arm your team with knowledge about our mind and common challenges, providing tools to navigate stress, communicate effectively, and build resilience. These workshops are the building blocks of mental maintenance – and your team’s success story.

Written and delivered by trained therapists, our workshops are grounded in six fundamental components that contribute to good mental health: Emotional Intelligence, Self Knowledge, Healthy Relationships, Flexibility, Mind + Body, and Workplace Culture. Every workshop provides participants with meaningful and clinically sound tools to attend to their own emotional wellbeing and exercises to be curious about their own mental maintenance.

We can deliver our strands sequentially or build a bespoke programme tailored to the needs of each organisation we work with. Workshops run for 60mins online and 90mins in person. You can go big or go virtual – our online sessions can handle any crowd size, and between 20-30 participants for in-person delivery.

Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Mentally Healthy Workplaces Diagram Branches


Everyday Mental Maintenance

Challenging Self Limiting Beliefs



Rewriting Your

Combatting Imposter Syndrome

Growing Through


Setting Healthy

Engaging With







Connection Through Creativity

Expanding Emotional Experience





Processing Organisational Change

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