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Through therapist-led workshops, talks, groups and trainings we strive to not just normalise the conversation around mental health, but to destigmatise it and empower individuals and companies to create cultures of openness, to be emotionally articulate and to find strength in authenticity.

How it works

Focusing on preventative interventions instead of reactive responses, we challenge participants to think about their mental health as something to be worked on through everyday mental maintenance — something we know that develops emotional fitness.

We create spaces that are compassionately disruptive, drawing upon the strength of community and groups in a way that tackles loneliness and feels therapeutic, and supportive.

Let's Talk

We offer relatable insights, tools and experiences that support participants to feel equipped to deal with the world how it is.

Trust us, it is nothing like that stuffy webinar you’re so bored of sitting through.

Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Psychoeducation Flowchart

Let's Talk

Reach out and we will set up a call. Think of it as a mental health MOT for your company. After, we will write a bespoke strategy with recommendations tailored to your budget, needs and hopes for the partnership.

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