We’re proud to work with over 200+ (proper sound) companies who give their employees access to 1:1 therapy, focused talks and workshops, or HR and management training with us.

We're Self Space

Your trusted partner in workplace mental maintenance. Our service is designed to support you and your people to thrive at work. Working with us, you’ll see tangible improvements in your people’s mental health, company culture and overall wellbeing.
of employees said that since using sessions, their mental health has improved.
of employees said that sessions left them feeling more calm.
of employees said that therapy with us left them feeling more confident.
of employees said that since using our sessions, they have an increased self-awareness.

Case Studies

Our team of qualified people are on hand to deliver therapy that works, talks that engage, and training that builds confidence and inspires. Read about how we help our partners championing the mental health of their people.