What's the first rule of Walk Club?

You do NOT talk about Walk Club.

Only joking, don’t be silly, please do talk about it actually, and invite someone you love for a walk to have a good conversation with.

And to help you do that, we’ve put together a Box Set of 1,000 questions, divided into 100 topics so that you can start your own Walk Club on whatever topic is most suitable, from wherever you are in the country.

Inside our Box Set are questions to help you both take that first conversational step, together.
One Step At A Time - Self Space

1,000 questions,
100 themes,
10 questions per theme.

And just for you cheeky chappies wanting a sneaky peeky:

For First Dates.

Oh hello, we've got a bit fancy –
and turned the questions into a poem.

For first dates
For old mates
For people who are grieving
For people thinking of leaving

For making new friends
For making amends
For those full of worry
For those in a hurry

For talking to yourself (in the shower)
For those who feel they’ve no power
For coffee break chats at work
For those with housemates making them berserk

For those breaking up
For those waking up
For people who are travelling
For lives that are unravelling

For chats with strangers on a plane
For people in chronic pain
For parents who’ve lost a child
For the middle aged who want to be wild

For people feeling depressed
For the financially hard pressed
For the constantly furious
For the sexually curious

For when life goes pear shaped
For those who haven’t yet escaped
For those with deep fear
For those in their final years

For chatting to others over text
For couples who are under sexed
For groups of friends in the pub
For body language (in the club)

For awkward chats at Christmas dinner
For people who’d prefer to be a little thinner
For people with existential dread
For those who love staying in bed

For people who feel ashamed
For people who always get blamed
For those who work in teams
For people with big dreams

For pillow talk with your sweetheart
For those who can never make a start
For nervous students at freshers week
For those where life seems bleak

For couples unable to have a child
For black sheep who want to be reconciled
For those who can’t make mistakes
For loves of creamy cakes

For talking with a bore
For talking with someone you adore
For talking in a foreign tongue
For thinking of when you were young

For people coming out
For those full of doubt
For those who worry they’re going mad
For knackered new mums and dads

For people who are always tired
For people who are always wired
For full time carers
For oversharers

For those wanting to step into the spotlight
For those always spoiling for a fight
For people finding their voice
For those making a tough choice

For parents with an empty nest
For busy people who never rest
For those getting old
For those whose hearts have grown cold

For long distance lovers
For daughters and mothers
For joyful people feeling glad
For sons and their dads

For people getting the all clear
For people re-thinking their career
For groups of mums
For long lost chums

For people who like being loners
For founders and business owners
For those feeling shy
For those afraid to try

For disagreements with spouses
For former partners in different houses
For seekers looking for their soul
For people taking on a new role

For people feeling lost at sea
For sober people who only drink tea
For talking to people with whom you don’t agree
For funny chats that make you want to pee

For comforting a child who’s crying
For people afraid of dying
For creatives who’ve got stuck
For those down on their luck

For people feeling grateful
For people feeling hateful
For people who don’t like the look of their face
For people who’s like to take up more space

For people who have to be brave
For thinking to ourselves silently at a grave
For those who are self critical
For smart thinkers who are analytical

Download your free box set of conversation prompts here and start walking the talk with a close friend or loved one this week

Conversation Prompts