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Hi, we’re Self Space, your new partner in mental wellness. We provide 1-to-1 therapy, therapist-lead workshops, talks and trainings to global, industry leading companies.

Working with us, you’ll see tangible improvements in your people’s mental health, company culture and overall well being. We’re a perk that works.
of employees said that since using sessions, their mental health has improved.
of employees said that sessions left them feeling more calm.
of employees said that therapy with us left them feeling more confident.
of employees said that since using our sessions, they have an increased self-awareness.

How it works

We’ll work with you in a tailored way to deliver an effective mental health strategy. From confidential access to 1:1 therapy, focused talks and workshops, to HR and management training: our service is designed to support you and your people to thrive at work.


We’re not just here for crisis management (although we do that too), we are a service that focuses on prevention and maintenance. Our team of qualified people are on hand to deliver therapy that works, talks that engage, and training that builds confidence and inspires.


Therapy, not just for the frazzled and overwhelmed but for the self-improvers too.

Here’s what sets us apart:

Peace of Mind

All of our therapists are registered with either BACP, HCPC or UKCP.

See your workforce reflected

A team of multi lingual therapists from a diverse range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds

Spaces where your people are proud to be

Proper bricks and mortar – on the High Street – or virtually, wherever they are

We're not a faceless tech company

Therapist founded and lead. Humans at the centre.

What we offer

We take the pressure off managers and HR teams. We’ll give you the tools to signpost your team towards us, all you’ll need to do is shout about it.


We measure the metrics that matter. Detailed monthly reports of your peoples usage while keeping your employees anonymity and safety at the heart of what we do. We personalise our feedback strategy in order to get constructive temperature checks and useful soundbites from your people.


You’ll have a dedicated partnership team who will be yours to lean on. This includes growth and customer care so you can be sure that you and your people are being looked after at every turn.


We supply you with therapist written self directed learning resources for you to build up your own mental health library. We take the heavy lifting out of the content. An exclusive members newsletter filled with actionable tips, tricks and therapist lead content.


People are at the heart of what we do. We think when your people find the courage to pick up the phone, or start a difficult email and reach out, they should be greeted by someone who gets it. We place a lot of importance in having face to face locations, if you want to visit them. 


Let's Talk

Reach out today and take the first step towards championing the mental health of your people. If your company partners with us and you’d like help getting started, email

Self Space has been amazing offering easily accessible therapy and a comfortable environment to talk about emotions and difficult situations, even those relating to work. Their mental health champion training has really helped us fast-track big changes at Huel when it comes to people feeling seen and like they are valued

– James Collier, Co-Founder, Huel

Business FAQs

Business FAQs
Self Space is a contemporary mental health service, offering therapy to individuals, couples and also companies. In a world which is sometimes challenging, frightening, overwhelming, complex and seriously hard to navigate it’s not surprising that sometimes we don’t feel ok. Everyday mental maintenance is an essential part of surviving. Self Space sets out to provide that.
We can work with your business to provide 1-to-1 therapy sessions for your people, therapist written and lead mental health workshops and talks alongside helping you to set up a general wellness strategy to implement company wide to benefit employee mental health. We’ve worked with a huge variety of companies that occupy many spaces – marketing, finance, tech & web3, fashion and hospitality – and we’ve created and executed bespoke packages for each one of them.
If you’d like a quote, we’d happily send one through. Please contact for more info.
Once you’ve partnered with us, your people accessing the service is the next step. We always kick off every partnership with a free launch talk which will signpost exactly where people need to go to get started. First, they’ll need to register using their company email, which they can do through our website. It can take up to 24 hours to link an employees account so we recommend registering right away so it’s there later if you need it. However, if you register and want to see a therapist right away email us on and we’ll link your account immediately. The next step is to book in for a session! Employees can head to our booking page when you’re ready to book in, remember to select the appointment type ‘Self In The City – Company Paid’. If they aren’t sure who to book with they can look on the team page or fill out the therapy match form.
The short answer is yes! We have partners who have clients spread worldwide. The slightly longer answer is that in order to work with international clients, there are a few safeguarding bits that need to be in place before the work can go ahead. If you’ve got a sales call booked in with us, we’d be happy to go over these with you. To find out more email To support the international work, we’ve got therapists who are able to practice in the languages spoken below: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Greek, Bulgarian, Farsi, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and Polish.
Trust is an integral part of a therapist-client relationship; therefore, all Self Space sessions will be kept confidential. However there might be certain circumstances where the therapist may have to consider breaking a client’s confidence for their own safety. This could be if there is a risk of immediate harm to the client or to another person. The therapist will explain how they work at your first Self Space session. In some situations, it might be necessary for therapists to share notes, for example if you see more than one therapist.
We currently have spaces in Borough, Rivington Street and Manchester where you can see therapists face to face. All of our therapists can work virtually too!