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Walk Club: like Run Club, but for people who aren't big running fans.

One Step At A Time

We’ve found that over half of Brits (61%) feel that they are ‘stuck in a rut’, with over half (59%) in need of a change in their lives.

Sometimes, taking that first step out of stuckness and into movement is the hardest part. So we’re inviting people to take that first step, together. And resourcing the nation with meaningful conversation and walking prompts to facilitate walkie-talkies from wherever they are. With the people they love.
Walk Club by Self Space

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  • Kings Cross: 17th June
  • Kings Cross: 15th July
  • Shoreditch: 12th August

Guided by qualified therapists (and fellow amateur walkers), everyone will be assigned a walking partner and given a set of conversation prompts to facilitate a walkie-talkie. Deep&Meaningfuls, on foot. With a cup of tea in hand. You’ll come as strangers, and leave as friends.


  • Stronger relationships between people
  • Reduced stress
  • Replenished energy
  • Boosted moral

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