Liability Waiver

This waiver of liability includes any risk of attending Self Space sessions, engaging in virtual sessions, coaching or attending any events, workshops or other services provided by the Self Space. Please see the detail below:

Clients using Self Space services should understand that these services are not offered as a substitute for clinical mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions. I also understand that my therapist or coach is not acting as a medical professional. Clients will understand and agree that they are fully responsible for their own well-being during their coaching and therapy sessions, and subsequently, including their choices and decisions. Clients will understand that as a practice we note share between therapists so that all practitioners working with you can keep abreast of your story. Only practitioners working with you will see your notes. This will always be done in a confidential way respecting the privacy and integrity of our clients. The only exception to this is where there is an overriding welfare need that may require further discussions with key members of the team.  In these circumstances details will be shared on a need to know basis and the sharing of information will be for clinical needs and will itself be recorded within your notes. Clients will also understand that all comments and ideas offered by a Therapist/Coach are solely for the purpose of aiding the client in achieving their defined goals or in having a good conversation with a qualified therapist in order to improve or enhance their mental well being or mental maintenance. The client will be able to give informed consent, and hereby give such consent to their therapist/coach to assist them in achieving such goals. Clients will be aware you will be receiving therapy in accordance with UK law and any contractual disputes will be subject to UK laws. We will require the contact details of a GP in your own country (State if in the USA) together with the contact details of somebody we can contact in an emergency. As UK therapists, we are required to work within the ethical requirements of a relevant Accrediting Body (UKCP, BACP, HCPC etc.) and to hold relevant Professional or Public Liability Insurance. For all international clients all therapy and counselling services are undertaken in accordance with the laws of the practitioner’s own country and any disputes will be subject to that country’s law.