Mental Health Champions Training

By Self Space

Join the movement, shift the culture. Become a Mental Health Champion.

What is a Mental Health Champion?

Mental Health Champions is a one year program that includes a 1 day in-person training with therapists along with workshops once a month on a variety of topics to equip your employees to take action by raising awareness of mental health and challenging stigma to positively shift the culture around talking about how we feel at work.

Mental Health Champion by Self Space

What do you get?

Self Space works with your organisation for a whole year. We start with a full-day training with our qualified therapists – following this we work with you each month on a different topic.

Something proactive, not reactive

“First Aid” speaks to emergency and crisis response. So we’ve created a training that focuses on preventative and positively proactive ways of engaging with each other as humans within our workplaces.

Access to continued learning & community

Access to ‘Space Together’ sessions: a year-long programme of monthly, therapist-led classes that will support employees to learn new skills, how to put these skills into practice and connect with others and shift the culture.

Therapist-led and therapist-held

Everything is evidence-based. Training, classes and content is researched and written by qualified therapists from our team. This ensures the highest possible standards of training are delivered clinically and trauma-informed way.

Classes include

What are people saying?

Self Space has been amazing offering easily accessible therapy and a comfortable environment to talk about emotions and difficult situations, even those relating to work. Their mental health champion training has really helped us fast-track big changes at Huel when it comes to people feeling seen and like they are valued – James Collier, Co-Founder, Huel

Join the movement.
Shift the culture.


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Become a Mental Health Champion

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