We're small but mighty

Our team share our mission to positively change the culture around mental health. Each of us is committed to supporting individuals and companies to access therapy and reach their full potential. Find out what each of us gets up to below.

Our Founders

Jodie Cariss & Chance Marshall

Jodie and Chance have over 15 years of Therapy experience between them. Human’s first, therapists second — they’re on a level with their clients and our partners, not a pedestal.



Steve Marshall

Clinical Services Manager

I am the clinical lead at Self Space. My role is supporting the therapists with any issues arising through clinical practice and ensuring safe delivery of our therapeutic interventions. I am responsible for overseeing policies and safeguarding, and am also provide counselling one day a week.


My favourite book:
Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh


What I love about working at Self Space:
My favourite thing is spending time with therapists with such diverse and fascinating approaches to therapy. I learn so much and this learning really supports my personal growth.

Anna Davies

Psychoeducation Manager

Human first, therapist second. Heading up a deliriously wonderful team of therapists, who facilitate curious and compassionate workshops with individuals working within companies, that are in partnership with Self Space. I also curate and deliver our content alongside our Psychoeducational Leads for our partners and for individuals. A big part of my role is getting to know our partners and their people teams, and listening well to them; so that we are holding space for people that feels meaningful and warm.


Favourite song:
Bennie and The Jets by Elton John…never fails to get me up out of my seat


What I love about working at Self Space:
There is something magical and permission-giving that comes from bringing people into a space together, inviting vulnerability and curiosity, and sharing the oh-so-normal idea that we are all, inherently messy. I am so lucky to hear people say things like ‘I didn’t realise other people felt like that’ or ‘I thought it was only me’. It will never ever, not feel like a privilege.

Chilli Bernstein

Customer Success Manager

I look after every client who comes through our doors. Whether this is the lovely people who find us off the street or those who access us through their companies, I make sure that the experience is as warm and comfortable as possible. I also work with our partnerships team to ensure that our corporate partnerships thrive. I write too, you might find me hanging around the Self Space notebook from time to time.

My favourite song:
Sometimes It Snows In April by Prince

What I love about working at Self Space:
The team is the absolute best. I get to talk about therapy all day long and no one tells me to shut up. Also, helping people access therapy? *chefs kiss*

Nina Gaul

Psychoeducation Lead

My role involves being part of the team who create, develop and deliver workshops, talks and trainings that offer theory, practical tools and reflective spaces. I also help to support the Psychoeducation Facilitators in the preparation process and successful delivery of workshops and I meet with some of our existing partners to ensure that our workshops are attending to the needs of their organisations.


My favourite Song:

Hip Hop Song by Coco and The Butterfields – total feel good song


What I love about working at Self Space:

Two things stand out for me….the team that I work with at Self Space, everyone is passionate, creative, caring and supportive – I genuinely really enjoy being part of this team. 

The other is being able to engage in meaningful conversations through workshops, providing theory that helps people make sense of why they are thinking or feeling something and realising they aren’t alone, and then having the opportunity to offer people tools to help them overcome and embrace life’s ups and downs. 

Lucy Davies

Partnerships Executive

My focus is to make sure all the wonderful partners at Self Space have the best experience in working together and have everything they need to make the partnership a huge success.
Some of the time this is working within the psychoeducation team on the workshop booking process and admin support.



My favourite film:
Fantastic Mr Fox by Wes Anderson



What I love about working at Self Space:
The focus and drive and creativity at Self Space, I enjoy getting to meet and work with a lot of different people as part of my role.

Sue Mariner

Finance Manager

Maintaining the financial records and producing financial reports
Providing data and input to strategic planning over all areas of business
Overseeing payrolls for all staff and some hr.


My favourite: There are too many


What I love about working at Self Space:
Challenge and variety

Ryan Campinho Valadas

Psychoeducation Lead

My role consists of creating thoughtful, engaging, and practical workshops for Self Space to deliver to all of our corporate partners, as well as to the general public. I also deliver many of these workshops alongside our wonderful team of facilitators, and support our department manager in making sure everyone on the team is prepared for their workshop deliveries and support any other needs. Due to my vast experience in social and cultural dynamics work, such as inclusion, intersectionality, and systemic experiences, I also create and deliver special projects on a variety of related topics.


My favourite book:
Just Kids by Patti Smith


What I love about working at Self Space:
My favourite thing about my job is twofold: doing research and creating workshops that I feel excited about, and then meeting a lot of people when I delivered them across London – and the world!

Nicole Zanatta

Special Projects Executive

Organisation is key! I work across different departments and whether it is for Office Management or Project Management I make sure things happen exactly when they should.

My favourite book:
Untamed by Glennon Doyle (we can do hard things)

What I love about working at Self Space:
That I get to be part of two brilliant teams! I’m always surrounded by such amazing humans who genuinely support me and I think that’s really special.

Work with us

Founded in 2017, Self Space was launched to help address a growing need for accessible and contemporary mental health support. We provide flexible, forward thinking therapy to individuals and for some of the most progressive global companies from a broad range of creative and corporate industries, including tech, finance, advertising, marketing, hospitality and fashion. Our mission is to revolutionise the culture around accessing mental health support, making it more commonplace and aspirational, in the same way most of us think about our physical health.