Client FAQs

Self Space is a contemporary mental health service, offering therapy to individuals, couples and also companies. In a world which is sometimes challenging, frightening, overwhelming, complex and seriously hard to navigate it’s not surprising that sometimes we don’t feel ok. Everyday mental maintenance is an essential part of surviving. Self Space sets out to provide that.
We continue to offer our Clients face-to-face sessions as well as virtual sessions. We remain very conscious of the safety of our clients and our therapists. As such we continue to risk assess our spaces to ensure total compliance with latest government regulations. This includes readily available access to hand sanitisers, the use of masks where they do not cause our clients severe distress, social distancing, and thorough and regular cleaning of our spaces.

Practitoner FAQs

You will not need to find and pay for your own premises from which to see clients.   The Self Space will be marketing and promoting the service as widely as possible and as a therapist you will of course benefit from this as the business grows. We believe very much in a collaborative and team approach to the way that the service is developed and delivered.   The sharing of general practice issues, links to other opportunities and the benefit of working with like minded people should enhance your experience of being part of the team at Self Space. It will provide flexibility in how you work - you can diary your availability to suit.

Self Space also provides an opportunity to be flexible in the therapeutic approach.  We are a contemporary company, drawing upon our Director’s experience of providing credible mental well being and enrichment services in education.  

You will be part of our aspirations to evolve in such a way that the term mental illness becomes a household term without stigma and shame.  We can only achieve that with excellent, committed and professional therapists who are fully signed up to our ethos.