Price Increase FAQ

Why is the price increasing

We’ve kept our prices the same for the last 5 years. This meant that our therapists have also been paid the same rate for 5 years. We’re incredibly conscious of the fact that for a lot of our clients even before the cost of living increased, that paying for therapy took careful budgeting. Being therapy providers – and we’re talking about our therapists here too – we’ve found our costs increase too. We want to make sure that we’re paying our therapists fairly and that we’re able to keep attracting the best practitioners in the business. This is why we’ve increased our prices.

When will the price increase start?

Our price increase will begin on August 1st. Any purchases made after this date will be at the new prices.

What if I’ve got sessions booked past August 1st?

If you’ve got sessions booked in past August 1st but they haven’t yet been paid for, they will be checked out under the new pricing. If you’d like for us to take payment ahead of the pricing change, please let us know in advance of August 1st.

Will there still be discounted bundles?

Yes! We’ll be offering individual session bundles at £510 for 6 x 50 minute sessions. You can purchase those here.

Can we expect the prices to go up again any time soon?

We won’t be raising our prices for another year.

Are there low-cost options?

If you are a student or a NHS worker we offer discounted rates at £65 for a 50 minute session. We also offer discounted sessions with our student therapists at £35 for 50 minutes, if you’re interested in these you can apply here.

Will all the therapy types change their price?

Most of our sessions will be increasing in price. The only session that is staying the same price is our MOT sessions. See price increases below:


Individual 50 minute sessions will be changing from £80 to £90 per session.

Individual 30 minute sessions will be changing from £60 to £65 per session.

NHS and Student sessions will be changing from £60 to £65 per session.

Couples sessions will be changing from £100 to £110 per session.

Founder sessions will be changing from  £100 to £110 per session.

The new price is out of my budget for weekly sessions- could I have bi-weekly sessions instead?

Absolutely. At Self Space we’ve always valued our clients autonomy to choose as and when they’d like to have therapy. If you’d like to switch up the frequency of sessions, you are more than welcome to.

I will have to take a break from sessions as I can’t afford the price increase- can I speak to my therapist about this?

If you’re worried about the price increase and your worries extend past what our lovely front of house team might be able to help you with, we’d definitely recommend speaking with your therapist. They’ve been your sounding board up until now so it’s a great place to continue to bring any of your concerns to. We know discussing money can still feel taboo – but rest assured your therapists will have had similar conversations before and are well equipped to discuss this with you.

Could I move to private sessions with my therapist outside of Self Space?

The short answer is no. Our therapists sign a contract which means they aren’t able to see Self Space clients for a year after their last session facilitated at Self Space. They won’t be able to see you as a private client.