When you think of a company offering a therapy provision, you go straight to an office right? Well, that’s definitely the majority but there are some bright sparks in some other interesting work spaces. Bright sparks like Incipio Group, a hospitality group that provides therapy via Self Space to all those who work in their restaurants and bars. We partnered with Incipio Group in May 2021 and have facilitated 305 therapy sessions for their hospitality team since then. 

Incipio Group is incredibly special because they are one of the few hospitality groups that are putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to their employee wellbeing. In an industry that can often be unkind to the people who work within it, Incipio Group is making a huge effort to take care of those who work in their spaces. 

What sets Incipio Group apart is their no-nonsense focus on learning and development and the real deal commitment to their crew’s well-being. In an industry that faces high employee churn, they’re all about personal growth and encouraging their people to carve out killer careers which is why we love working with them so much.


About Incipio

Incipio is a hospitality group boasting a diverse portfolio of venues located in London. Their expertise lies in curating inviting spaces with a vibrant atmosphere, ensuring every visit is an exceptional experience. Currently, they employ a total of 450 team members spread across 8 venues and their Head Office team.

What was your company struggling with in relation to workplace mental health and wellbeing?

Hospitality can notoriously be a tough space to work in, especially if someone is living with poor mental health. Typically the bulk of our teams are aged from 20-25 and for a large percentage of our team, joining Incipio is their first experience in the workplace. They simply do not have access to therapy services or an understanding of why they would benefit from using a therapy service. As the People Team we were regularly having conversations with team across all roles and gaining insight into their personal lives or their journey with Mental Health and Wellbeing and it become apparent that a Therapy service should be a non negotiable benefit to offer our people and it gave us an opportunity to signpost a professional service to the employees coming to us with worries / stress or that were asking for support.

Why did you choose to partner with Self Space?

We love the simplicity and accessibility of the language and branding at Self Space, alongside the opportunity to choose a therapist that can cater to your specific needs; it made Self Space the perfect choice for us. The set up being completely confidential for our teams is fantastic as quite often the confidentiality factor can be a blocker for people to use therapy services connected to the workplace. The info packs Self Space sends us are an incredibly helpful tool that we post in our monthly internal newsletter and Self Space has also acted as an advisory to us on a few occasions which we appreciate greatly. Our team loves this benefit, we have had fantastic feedback from those that wish to confide in us. It’s a really easy and fulfilling partnership between Incipio and Self Space and one that we are looking forward to fostering in the future.

What were you hoping to achieve by working with Self Space?

We have a simple and clear goal. Anyone who works at Incipio Group that needs or wants access to therapy, receives and benefits from it.

What has been the impact of working with Self Space?

The impact has been huge for us on many levels:
– Retention of our awesome team
– Attracting people into Incipio
– Mental Health & Wellbeing throughout Incipio
– Signposting correctly in all circumstances

I’m Alex – the Sales Manager here at Self Space. If you’re ready to take the first step towards championing the mental health of your people, book a chat with me, and I’ll help you get started.