Dimuthu is an integrative psychotherapist who will draw from a variety of different therapeutic modalities to find what would best suit your needs. Dimuthu offers a safe space where you can explore how your experiences and beliefs might hold you back. She believes that if our patterns are explored together in the presence of someone attentive and empathetic, we can begin to understand the reasons they were created. She believes trauma can be stored in our bodies, often un-symbolised, beyond language, and on the edge of our awareness. Dimuthu specialises in working with trauma through psychotherapy and body based approaches, pulling from over a decade of teaching yoga and meditation. Working sensitively with the body in this way means we can potentially re-integrate those parts which may have been denied or forgotten.



Childhood trauma, Relationships, Depression


Dimuthu is available online on Mondays and Tuesdays, and in Shoreditch on Fridays.