Jo is a systemic and family psychotherapist with 20 years of experience in the NHS, private and voluntary sector. Jo is deeply interested in the power and value of human connection and relationships. Relationships can be complicated and when they are not going well, they can lead to stress, anxiety, low mood, isolation and disconnection. Jo uses an approach that aims to understand how and why these difficulties may have arisen and what needs to change. This may be the relationship you have with yourself (perhaps issues with self-esteem, confidence or disconnection of the mind and body). It might be the relationship you have with family members (where there might be tension, conflict, illness, parenting difficulties) or with your partner (where you might be struggling with communication, disconnection, infidelity, separation). Jo works in a relational, dynamic and strengths-based way.


Relationships, Confidence, General stress


Jo works Monday – Friday virtually.