Jordan is a trainee counsellor who believes in an integrative approach tailor-made for each client as he tunes into their unique lived experience.  Jordan’s practice is grounded in his compassionate commitment to creating a safe, confidential, secure, and non-judgemental environment where his clients can freely explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours at a pace that feels right for them.  Jordan feels creating space for inner experience enables us to trust in our own inner guidance, promoting self-awareness and self-acceptance, allowing us to consider new perspectives and new ways of being. These are essential elements for growth and any transformative healing process. Within his practice, he uses an integrative approach taking elements from person-centred, psychodynamic, CBT, and existential therapy to cater to the uniqueness of the individual. He has a special interest in working collaboratively with those facing the challenges of grief, anxiety, low mood, stress and relationship struggles.


Please note: 

Jordan is a trainee counsellor. Sessions with Jordan are £35 per session. If you’d like to book with Jordan, please fill in this form here.