Having trained in various modalities, Nisha works using an integrative approach, catering to your unique therapeutic needs. Nisha has over 10 years of experience working with young people and adults. While Nisha’s ideology is based on Humanistic theory, her approach is trauma-informed. She is a certified provider of tension, trauma and stress releasing exercises (TRE), a technique that releases deeply embedded muscular patterns of tension, calming down the nervous system and encouraging the body to return to a state of balance. Additionally, she is a fully trained eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) therapist; an innovative psychotherapy that uses bilateral stimulation to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories. Nisha’s interventions have been used to aid in the management of post-traumatic stress, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, complicated grief, anger, pain relief and relationship concerns among other presenting concerns.



PTSD, Childhood Trauma, General Stress.