Amma (she/her) is a warm, compassionate and inclusive therapist who aims to offer a safe space for you to feel comfortable and be heard from session one. Amma is an integrative counsellor who practices with a model that takes into account your uniqueness as a person.  Amma believes that talking through your issues and making sense of how you are feeling can make you feel empowered and propel you to take action to make changes as you connect the dots.  Amma will engage with you to try and provide a deeper understanding of yourself. Amma has a specific interest in anxiety and depression resulting from the ‘isms’ and ‘shoulds’ in life and other social constructs that can impact your identity.  Amma has helped people with a range of issues including but not limited to workplace issues, stress, relationships, highly sensitive people, bereavement, body image, racial trauma, identity, self-esteem, and confidence, sexuality, neurodiversity and life transitions.
Anxiety, Depression, General Stress, Highly Sensitive People