Sophia holds a compassionate space, using individuals’ natural creativity to connect with their feelings, challenges and resources. Together, you’ll explore how your experiences show up in your relationships, manifest in your body & nervous system and shape your self-beliefs, to foster greater self-awareness and freedom from feeling stuck.  Sophia is experienced in supporting individuals to process the bad stuff that happened (trauma, abuse, illness, bullying, loss), the good stuff that didn’t (feeling seen, soothed, safe and secure) and their impact including: low self-esteem, identity struggles, difficulty regulating emotions, relationship issues, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, dissociation.  Sophia is trained in EMDR, evidenced-based therapy for trauma and PTSD. Sophia has specialist training in Attachment-Informed EMDR that addresses the impact of our early experiences. Sophia’s practice draws on neuroscience, parts-work, somatics, compassionate inquiry and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

PTSD, Anxiety, Self Esteem