John Carron

On surprising others (and listening to your mum):

One thing that may surprise others about me is that I’m a keen filmmaker and musician. I spend my time attempting to make films and music, trying to get the most out of London. Also, I actually don’t particularly enjoy my tattoos! My mum was right! You can’t exactly rub them out!

On confidence:

I’m struggling to find the confidence within myself and my work! London’s a big scary place and everyone around me seems to be on some sort of social climb. I Ent got time for that – just want to do me!

On the future:

I’m excited for my future and my degree in filmmaking.

On the perfect day in Soho:

My favourite thing to do in Soho is to take it all in. When I moved to London, I envisioned it as this hustle and bustle shopping spree – and Soho is exactly that! Perfect day in Soho is an iced latte and plenty of cash, go check out some records, chat to a few of the locals and pick up something nice for my girlfriend. Then sit outside a pub and hang out with the boys! 

On love:
My girlfriend, my family and my friends [make me feel loved].
On ambition:
[What keeps me up at night?] Wanting to be fucking famous!


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