Gwen Corlett (and Reebok)

On fulfilment:

[I’m kept awake at night by the thought of] disappointing my teenage self, who thought I’d have a huge and fulfilling career by now! I did my degree in Archaeology, which I absolutely loved. I tried to get work at various heritage buildings and museums, but the requirements for unpaid experience burnt me out within a year. I now have a job in the council. I love my team, the pay is good and it’s a great opportunity, but I wish I could get back into a vaguely historical job. But while I have a mortgage to pay and my dog to look after, I’ll probably stay here.

On the future:

I’m excited about moving in with my boyfriend, so Reebok can finally have more green space!

On sentimentality:

One thing that would surprise others about me is that I’m hugely sentimental and can’t get rid of any of the things I collected when I was a kid. My collection of stuff is massive.




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