Kit Costello

On gratitude:

I’m super hopeful and grateful for my career. Allowing yourself to have big aspirations is so important. Also believing that you can reach them is just as important.

On love:

[What makes me feel loved is] people spending quality time with me. It’s my love language.

On herself:

[My three favourite things about me are] my sense of humour, my ability to make people feel welcome, and my creativity.

On self-criticism:

When it comes to my work, I can be quite hard on myself. Whether it’s being too disciplined or putting myself down. The modelling industry is harsh enough; I don’t need to add to that.

On confidence:

[I feel like the shiniest version of myself] when I’ve got ready with my friends and we go out. Could be going out for a coffee or a night out. When I’m with my friends and we are gassing each other up, I feel confident.



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