Kitty Cameron

On feeling good:

I feel super confident and shiny when I have been as productive as I’d hoped to be and I’ve done my to do list. Also, when I’m making artwork that I feel is very sincere. When I finish it and share it, and people respond to it emotionally, or they’re impressed and tell me it’s good, I feel purposeful and special. I’m hardest on myself when I haven’t been as productive as I’d hoped, which is most days to be honest – oops! I’m never sure whether I need to set lower expectations or whether to be more or less hard on myself. 

On ruminating:

Some people who don’t know me well are surprised that I’m quite an anxious person. I think that’s because I can be pretty outgoing and loud in some social situations. But then they don’t know I’ll be ruminating on everything I said during the interaction for weeks to come.

On hope:

My friends and family keep me excited and hopeful. They’re the most important things in the world to me. I love them and they love me and that will always be good – even if everything else goes to shit!


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