Valentin Dely

On staying hopeful:

Seeing kindness from one stranger to another [is keeping me hopeful right now]. In times where compassion is being mutilated by socio-economic pressures, having a glimpse of sympathy is strengthening.

On the perfect day in Soho:

The perfect day in Soho needs to start with a hearty coffee and a little drawing session. Once that’s done, it’s time to embark on a culinary journey through Berwick Street, and grab a carefully crafted lunch from the market. It is best enjoyed in a park nearby, hopefully in the sun but with a bit of shade too. A little nap can be beneficial. Then, wandering through the National Gallery and marvelling at timeless paintings. After this, it’d be good to get some strength for the rest of the evening by stopping by a restaurant from a different horizon. Something fresh, unusual. The rest of the evening can be enjoyed at a blues or jazz bar, sipping a gin and tonic.


Real Stories. Real People. Real Hope.