Ryan is a queer-identifying and queer-affirming integrative therapist. His approach focuses on reframing perspectives, proactive action, feelings of aliveness, and self-compassion. Ryan works as an individual, couples, and group therapist, and has worked with substance misuse, sexual health, trauma, LGBTQIA + wellbeing, general adult mental health, and children’s mental health within education. This has given him a well-rounded understanding of a person’s lifespan, as well as the importance of relationships in our lives. His psychosexual and relationships practice is based upon building healthier connections to identity, pleasure, relationships, and life journeys. Ryan is keen to support individuals and relationships around communication challenges, influence of social and cultural narratives, healing from sexual shame, recovering from sexual trauma, sexual wellbeing and pleasure, consensual non-monogamy, and diverse sexual and gender identities.

Sex, Relationships, LGBTQIA+ wellbeing
Ryan is currently not taking on new clients.