Florencia is a passionate clinical psychologist with an MA in creative psychotherapy. She provides a safe and contained space for clients to feel confident to express themselves freely. In art therapy we encourage the use art mediums as a way to express ourselves. You don’t need to be an artist do to creative therapy, you just need an open mind and the will to connect with your creativity. Florencia has a holistic approach to understanding the person as a whole in their physical-emotional-mental-social and spiritual wellbeing – whatever belief, religion means to you, personally her spirituality comes from being in relationship with nature. Florencia’s therapeutic approach is Jungian psychodynamic. She can work with dreams, symbols, synchronicities and all those events that the mind cannot comprehend. She is currently training as an Environmental Art Therapist which consists in incorporating nature’s elements and metaphors into the therapeutic work. This work is also called nature-based therapy, ecopsychology and it is a fascinating new field in therapy.