We’ve all said it

Starting the conversation about therapy and mental health is really tough, let alone where you go with that conversation or how it can impact your life.

In late 2022, Self Space Founder Jodie Cariss was approached by her long term friend and music producer Owen Cutts (Stormzy, Maverick Sabre, Clean Bandit) to begin having that conversation in a more open format.

Hence, the podcast “I’m OK Though” was born.

By taking an enlightened everyday approach to talking about the hard stuff, they touch on topics like men, stigmas, mental health, boundaries, money, work, imposter syndrome… all the things that make us messy but unequivocally human.

The podcast was featured in the Guardian as one of their podcasts of the week, and you can listen to every episode below:

Episode 1 – Do I Need Therapy

Episode 2 – What Does a Therapist Do?

Episode 3 – The Unconscious

Episode 4 – Isolation and Imposter Syndrome

Episode 5 – Work and Adulthood

Episode 6 – Boundaries and Money

Episode 7 – Friendships and Relationships

Episode 8 – Why New Year’s Resolutions Never Really Work

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