This is how you take care of business.

(And your people).

Join us in our brand new space at Coal Drops Yard for an exclusive series of events on workplace mental maintenance.

There’s no escaping the fact that work-related stress and illness is on the rise. At every level – from the C-Suite through to the wider team – people are burning out. Loneliness, overwhelming pressure, the (seeming) need to be ‘always-on’; always performing; always delivering is incessant, insidious and, well, terrifying.

This is not ok. It’s not the norm. And it’s not ‘just the way it is’.

Whether you’re managing a team and seeing the crushing impact on their wellbeing, or simply trying to manage yourself and don’t know where to turn, we’ve got you.

From our hugely popular Mental Maintenance for People People sessions to our Tools for Leaders workshops and more, you’re invited to join as many of the events below as you’d like, celebrating the opening of our stunning new Coal Drop’s Yard space, and shining a big ol’ spotlight on workplace mental health support that *actually works*.

Upcoming Events

Mental Maintenance for People People

Mental Maintenance for People People provides HR leaders with the (much-needed) opportunity to prioritise their own wellbeing.


Facilitated by our qualified therapists, we’ll open up space to honestly reflect on what you’re facing, connect and equip you with meaningful, practical tools to attend to your own mental health in a way that’s nourishing and impactful.


Thursday 11th & Tuesday 16th April


Tools for Leaders

This workshop supports managers to better understand and recognise mental health in the workplace. 


Learn how to improve manager and staff interactions; and support managers to identify and address the early signs of stress, minimising potential escalation. We’ll hold in mind burnout, boundaries, self care, everyday mental maintenance and provide a toolbox of takeaway tools.


Tuesday 16th April

Mental Health Champions Taster

This 2-hour taster session of our Mental Health Champions programme will help you get to a place of feeling confident and well-resourced when it comes to workplace mental health.


You’ll also be guided through ways of looking after your own emotional and mental health, based on practical and realistic resources borrowed from the therapy room.


Tuesday 23rd April