Sunday Feel Good Sessions

Do you want to feel good?


The mind-body connection is a tale as old as time. What we’ve come to learn is that they’re two parts of the same system, each affecting the other in ways that are both subtle and profound, although the effects are rather simple. That’s why we love Sunday Feel Good Sessions.

Work on your body, your mind feels good. Work on your mind, you feel better about your body. 

But what happens when you work on both your mind and your body at the same time? It leaves you feeling good. Like, really really good.

This is why we’ve teamed up with the wonderful team Frame, who have been helping people move their bodies and support their holistic wellbeing for over 9 years in their 5 sites across London.

And together we’ve created the Sunday Feel Good Sessions – a 4 part series of experiential workshops and workouts to stimulate your mind and your body.

Sunday Feel Good Sessions

These sessions are designed to improve your relationship with your physical and mental selves. Part therapist lead workshop, part creative workout, you’ll learn how to be less rigid in your body and open your mind so your body can be free and feel good.

Along the way you’ll be guided to a confident understanding that your body doesn’t need to be more toned, more this or more that, but more accepted. More loved. 

Through movement, both energetic and gentle, you’ll gain a liberating relationship with your mind and body, and you’ll learn how to treat the body in order for it to support the mind to feeling less anxious, more calm, and just really good

There are 4 sessions coming up over January and February, each with a theme and a goal in mind

Honouring Your Potential + Yin Yoga

12 – 2pm | Sunday 22nd Jan 


In this workshop we’ll look at the importance of recognising limitations as a way to really connect with positive self-worth, accepting that if we try to do less we can live more fulfilled and effective lives.


Join us for a Yin Yoga class where you will slow down, drop into your body and stay in passive yoga postures that may feel uncomfortable both physically and mentally but you’ll learn to accept your limits and breathe into each one fully. You’ll notice how when you accept your limits and where you’re at, your body will relax into it and you’ll feel calm, at peace and maybe like you’ve had a massive hug from the universe.

Prioritising Play + Abba Barre 

12 – 2pm | Sunday 29th Jan


Creative wellness is the practice of using creative arts – like painting, music or dance – to promote psychological, physical and emotional good health.  This workshop provides an opportunity to engage in creative activities, whilst giving participants the chance to re-engage with joy and fun in a childlike (rather than childish) way. 


Who says exercise needs to be serious to be effective? Not us. Get ready to sign your heart out to some legendary music in our Abba Barre class. Yes, you guessed it. A Barre class to Abba’s greatest hits. So bring your inner child who wants to do Ballet and get playful with this fun, feel good but seriously burny Barre class.

Cultivating Confidence – Dance Cardio

12 – 2pm | Sunday 5th Feb 


In this workshop we’ll explore how anxiety about ourselves and our abilities can lead us to underestimate our potential. We’ll offer space to consider how we can tolerate the unknown, invest in ourselves meaningfully and develop the confidence to put ourselves out there, even if it feels hard.


We invite you to leave your inhibitions at the door and enjoy a Dance Cardio class. Simple choreography, to some incredible music will leave you feeling confident, high on life and asking yourself, why have I not come to Dance classes before? No dance experience needed. Just show up with an open mind and ready to have fun.

Discovering Pleasure – Sensual Yoga

12 – 2pm Sunday 12th Feb


What do you think about when you think of pleasure? Some common thoughts here may be around food, sex, nature, anything that may spark or activate our five senses and a few of our emotions. Do we really know what we like and don’t like, what gives us pleasure and what doesn’t, or are we following along with the motions of what we’ve always done, just because? This workshop is about identifying points of pleasure within and beyond sex – what turns us on and off – and to expand our awareness, understanding, and experience of it in our daily lives. Finding freedom in what feels good. 


Join Self Love Coach and Yoga Instructor Sabi for a Sensual Yoga class designed to help you tap into all senses of pleasure. Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to do anything crazy here, more about slowing down into a yoga flow, getting to know your body and what feels good, rather than rushing through asanas. Expect self massage, free flowing sensual movement and meditation.