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We support businesses to thrive through tailored, bespoke packages of 1:1 therapy, workshops, talks and trainings

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What we do

A Self Space partnership would involve taking an active stance on supporting mental wellness and delivering an ethos which celebrates mental wellbeing, compassionate leadership and productivity.

We work with companies in a bespoke way to shape and deliver on effective mental health strategies. From confidential access to 1:1 therapy, focused talks and workshops on mental health and wellbeing, to HR and management training: our service is designed to support you and your people to thrive at work.

Let's Talk

Reach out today and we will be in touch to chat through how we may be able to help and support you.

What Self Space offerings are you interested in?

Why Self Space


For every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions they get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover.

£45 Billion

Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year. This is a rise of 16% since 2016 - an extra £6 billion a year.


Up to 45% of employees would look for alternative employment if their employer didn’t provide support in relation to mental health.

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Less than 1 in 10 would confide in their employer if they were suffering from a mental health condition.

We support global, industry-leading brands to change and shape the culture of mental health within their workplaces. We don't just sit on the shelf like perk or an EAP scheme, we are a service that is engaged with in a way that employers and employees see positive, tangible improvements in mental health and wellbeing.


Of employees said that since using sessions, their mental health has improved.


Of employees said that sessions left them feeling more calm.


Of employees said that therapy with us left them feeling more confident.


Employees said that since using sessions, they have an increased self-awareness.

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  • “I am very grateful for this service and the support my
    counselor provided me when I felt lost and unsure with who I
    could turn to."

  • “Huge advocate of your service and spread the word to everyone about my personal benefits!”

  • “As a POC, this is the only space I have available to me where i'm able to choose a good quality POC therapist, free of charge, who understands the creative industries, and is able to provide me with emotional and practical support with the issues I experience at work.”

How we do it

As always, we kick off with a launch talk. Open up the conversation, voicing your commitment to your employees mental wellbeing, share step by steps of how to book a session with us, what’s on offer and what is to be gained from Self Space sessions.

Get in Touch

  • We take the pressure off managers and HR teams.
  • We’re open 7 days a week and sessions are booked digitally via our app or website with no long waiting lists.
  • Employees can choose their date, their time and their therapist. They can see us face-to-face at one of our sites across London, via video or over the phone.
  • We provide regular insight reports measuring metrics that matter, offering you a good temperature reading on how your people are (really) feeling.
  • We aren’t just here for crisis management (although we offer that too, anytime). We are a partner, not a perk.
  • We provide monthly content care packages written by expert therapists on everything from avoiding burnout to navigating change and uncertainty.