Self Space was founded in 2018 by Jodie Cariss, based on a growing need for accessible, contemporary mental health support.

Jodie was shortly joined by Chance Marshall as Founding Partner and together they have grown the start up out of a small workshop in Shoreditch with only a few therapists, to sites across the UK and with a growing team of 45 registered therapists and a vibrant support team including a Community Manager, Head of Partnerships, Business Manager right through to tech support and finance.

Jodie Cariss - Founder and CEO

Jodie Cariss

Jodie is a therapist, founder and CEO of Self Space. Jodie has over 15 years experience as a therapist with a dynamic and deeply empathetic approach to her work, and regularly contributes to panel talks, podcasts and media titles such as Stylist Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and The Times, she is also the author of ‘how to grow through what you go through’ under penguin. With her clients, Jodie believes in solving problems with innovative solutions, understanding human behaviours and real life challenges to pave the way for change.

Since launching Self Space in 2019, Jodie has been dedicated to growing awareness and raising the profile of mental health support with the mission to have instant access to therapy services on every highstreet. Self Space has four sites across London and Manchester and a nationwide virtual offering with 65 multi-disciplined therapists. Through her work with Self Space, Jodie also partners with global companies and their employees to provide mental health services through sessions and workshops.

Chance Marshall - Founding Partner

Chance Marshall
Founding Partner

Chance has dynamic experience as a therapist, manager, facilitator and writer. He is passionate about creating a vocabulary and spaces for mental health support that is accessible and destigmatising. As well as holding a client caseload, Chance leads on digital content, design brand partnerships, and heads up Self Space’s psychoeducation programme which deliveres talks, trainings and workshops to organisations on mental health and wellbeing. An interest in organisational psychology and unconscious dynamics at work has led him to work with senior leaders and employees at Google, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), Spotify, Stella McCartney, Depop and others.

As a HCPC registered Dramatherapist, he has in-depth experiential and theoretical knowledge of creative art forms, alongside robust clinical training in psychological approaches and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Chance has a background in adult mental health, addiction services, education and in working with unaccompanied minor refugee and asylum seekers. Before becoming a therapist, he made performance works for Channel 4, Northern Film and Media and The Blatic.

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They say of each other...

We know Sigmund Freud would be turning in his grave, but these are the faces of two Founders who could never have adopted the psychoanalytic "blank slate".

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This is Jodie:

"Founder, therapist and boss. What I know about Jodie is that she is a force of nature with unparalleled drive and ambition. Creative, quick-thinking, forever curious, stubborn and always rebellious. Working with her is like running alongside a whirlwind on stilts. There is no telling her what to do, but she is never afraid of getting it wrong and always owns her decisions.

She demonstrates good leadership by modelling imperfection, not perfection. I know that she is gritty, I know that she loves her kids and I know that she would drink a picanté faster than most people."

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This is Chance:

"Founding Partner, therapist and the person who has been writing the content for this platform. What I know about Chance is… that he is present! He creates environments that feel safe, tended to and exciting by just being in them. He has the most incredible ability to get to the core. To name what he's feeling and bring it into the room in a way that can totally transform a situation/ conversation from nonsense bullshit to real meaning. He works like a farm horse and he’ll often be working at ridiculous times. His appetite for doing is unparalleled to anyone I’ve ever worked with. He's magnetic. From the first email in my inbox it was impossible not to be compelled, interested and sold. He’s a complete and total control freak!

His own story stops my heart and humbles me. I feel blessed, confident and energised to work alongside him and proud to drink a picanté next to him."