Kit offers a safe and compassionate space for you  to bring all of your complexities,  challenges and successes, working with you to find your own resolutions and healing. She is a trauma -informed, culturally sensitive counsellor, integrating a range of strategies into her gentle Person-Centred approach. She has worked in occupational health for a number of years and supported people with vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burn-out, issues of identity and race, work-related stress, anxiety, depression and  trauma. Her approach is to consider you  holistically and she works respectfully with different faith and cultural backgrounds, having a deep understanding of difference, cross-cultural issues and integration. As a counsellor she has over 10 years experience of supporting people with brief and open-ended therapy, supervision and reflective practice.



Work stress, Identity, Addiction


Kit is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.