Understanding that the way we feel fundamentally impacts all areas of life, part of the Self Space offering is partnering with companies, organisations, co-working spaces, universities, schools and other interesting spaces — to facilitate inspiring talks, groups and workshops that focus on specific themes which enhance mental health awareness and well being, explore group dynamics and promote accessible and contemporary education around how to look after and maintain our mental health.



Our talks lend themselves to a dynamic, engaging and informative presentation style that seeks to enhance knowledge about mental health, effective mental maintenance and managing mental wellbeing at work. Talks given by our therapists will either be one of our off-the-peg (30 or 45 minute talks) or can be developed specifically to meet your needs. Self Space Talks will develop awareness, curiosity and often insight. We have a fresh, creative and innovative approach to talking with you how you feel and why it matters. For more information email:


Our groups can support the maintenance of good mental health by offering participants an opportunity to pause, reflect, connect and share. Our warm, innovative and relaxed approach opens up a space that is safe and non-judgemental, where participants are invited to both join together, and work individually, on creative and reflective exercises. Facilitated by qualified therapists, Self Space groups support participants to operate at a different frequency to that of their work lives, to slow down, and to take time and to get in touch with themselves and each other. They provide a space to meet in shared experience, and invite a deeper self reflection that may support the development of necessary inner resources. Our groups offer a unique opportunity to connect with yourself and others in a new way.  There is a focus on personal process and creative reflection.

Themes may include: loneliness, finances, start-up culture, alcohol and substances, resilience, relationships, family, guilt, mindfulness, creativity, confidence, career, feeling good enough.

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Our workshops are an opportunity to engage practically with themes and topics around mental wellbeing; both individually and collectively. Self Space Workshops raise awareness of mental health, rejuvenate creativity, develop team dynamics and strengthen relationships. All workshops have an educational aspect to enhance knowledge, but also tasks that require individuals to challenge themselves in looking deeper at their own process. Delivered by one or two therapists, these workshops are a unique and inspiring offering. Choose from 90 mins, half to full day workshops. Up to 20 people per workshop. For prices and more information email: