Free yourself from self-improvement; find space for self-compassion.

Welcome to How To Grow Through What You Go Through: the book, the installation, and the workshop.

Dedicated to acknowledging challenges and celebrating wins.

In light of this year's theme of 'Loneliness' for Mental Health Awareness Week, which isn't the absence of people, but the absence of meaningful connections, we invite you to take a leaf and a pen, and reflect as honestly as you can in response to the questions:

What are you going through? And what have you grown through?

Look at what you and others have survived. Look at what you and others are going through. You are never as alone as you feel. No matter where you are at, know that you have got company. You are not alone.

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How to Grow Through What You Go Through

Free yourself from constant self-improvement; find space for self-compassion.

This two-hour, therapist-led workshop focuses on acknowledging challenges and celebrating wins.

Creatively and therapeutically exploring where you’ve been, where you’re at now and where you’re heading — the workshop braids in the key components of mental maintenance.

Utilising the power of the group, it aims to support you to feel more confident, hopeful and anchored through life’s ups and downs. It’s an opportunity to work on your mental health proactively and alongside like-minded people.


Behind The Brand

We're Jodie & Chance, Founders of Self Space and this year with our savvy team behind-the-scenes, we brought on-demand therapy to the High Street — a UK first. Since 2017, we have supported individuals and leading global companies with our highly qualified team of over 60 therapists with varying specialties and approaches.

Offering 1:1 and couples therapy, workshops and retreats, we cater to the unique needs of our clients virtually and in one of our three locations.

We champion ‘everyday mental maintenance’, but it’s that time of year again when mental health gets its very own awareness week, and we’re not going to turn down an opportunity to make a fuss.



Although 'Loneliness' is the national theme for MHAW 2022, we will never solve loneliness by just passively talking about loneliness. So in true Self Space style, we’re bringing the action to our mission of facilitating connection, reflection, togetherness and belonging.

The interactive installations of growing vines and our bespoke workshop are being hosted in our Self Space flagship in Shoreditch and in collaboration with our friends at Feel Good Club in Manchester.

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