Feelings Library

Feelings Library

9am - 6pm, 8th to 24th December
Spitalfields, Market St, London, E1 6AA

*In the voice of Michael Bublé*: have yourself a melancholy Christmas, let your pen free-write....

This festive season, step inside the Feelings Library and get whatever it is you're feeling or overthinking, out of your head and onto the page. Writing is one of the most powerful tools for our mental health and it costs us near nothing to do.


What's going on

Whatever is going on for you, come and join us at Feelings Library, an interactive installation at Spitalfields, in partnership with CAUKIN Studio and SKIP Gallery. It is a space where we can come together and reflect, explore and share our feelings.

Designed with connection in mind, it provides an opportunity for us to connect to ourselves and others, in a bid to combat the loneliness we all can and often do feel when we constantly wear the mask of 'doing ok'.

Within the library are books with journal prompts written by our therapists and spaces for you to write. Be in conversation with them through your journaling. Come, offload your worries, share your story, and read other people's stories whilst you're there. At a time where we feel lonelier and more disconnected than ever — stop for a minute and notice how much we have in common. It'll be much less stressful than your Christmas shopping and let's face it, nobody needs another Lush bath bomb gathering dust.

Everyone and every feeling welcome.
We got you.

Join Us

9am - 6pm
8th to 24th December

Market Street
London E1 6AA

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