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We partner with schools, colleges and universities to ensure they are leading in outstanding mental health strategy, knowledge and delivery.

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What we do

We support leaders, staff, pupils and the wider school community to be better equipped in dealing with the challenges life presents and understanding how to achieve and maintain better mental health. We offer robust, forward-thinking solutions to mental health challenges faced within the sector.

Real cultural change around mental health has its roots with our children and those inspiring them, we take deep pride in being part of that growth.

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What it means to partner with us

  • Confidence that your setting is mentally healthy and well supported
  • Emotionally equipped young people, ready to tackle life’s ups and downs
  • Informed leaders offering tailored, meaningful support to school communities
  • Reassured and well-informed parents and carers ready to be proactive with mental health issues
  • Empowered, knowledgeable staff fully equipped to support students' needs

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What you will have access to

  • Whole school mental health strategic consultation
  • Therapy: One-to-one for students, staff and parents/carers
  • Psychoeducation: Staff training, talks and workshops
  • Staff supervision: One-to-one and group sessions
  • Community engagement: Talks, workshops, groups for parents and carers.
  • Access to a large team of trusted experts in the field of children, family, education psychology.

What we offer


  • For schools: Access to a team of 45 therapists and psychologists. Choose how many five session days you’d like per week. Students, staff and families can also access sessions virtually (we’ll share a simple set up guide).
  • For students: Expect a mix of talking and creative arts therapy designed to support amongst others, emotional regulation, confidence building, struggles at school and at home.


  • For staff: Expect a space to offload and check in with an expert, designed to support all the complexities of being human.
  • For families: Expect a focus on attending to individual needs as well as guidance on how best to support the needs of those in their care.


Staff looking after the mental health of students and other staff members need a space to reflect and process complex and challenging experiences within the school community. Our supervision offers staff a space to be held in an encouraging, supportive environment.


  • enables joined up thinking
  • troubleshoots
  • celebrates collective achievements
  • facilitates those trickier conversations
  • helps to think about systemic change
  • encourages sharing best practice

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  • promotes personal growth
  • helps to think about individual needs within wider frameworks
  • offers time to reflect and process with an expert
  • empowers individuals to find solutions
  • celebrates personal achievements
  • facilitates thinking around next steps, hopes and ambitions

The Numbers

Young people have been great at opening up conversations about mental health. Many talk openly on social media about personal struggles. They’ve moved society forward, reduced the stigma surrounding mental health and made it a public issue.

We still don’t know the exact number of children battling issues like anxiety and depression, but here are some statistics about mental health that help tell the story.

1 in 6

Children aged 5-16 likely to have a mental health problem.


Of all mental health problems start by the age of 14.


Of young people with mental health problems aren’t getting the help they need.


Of those who do get referred into NHS services are not accepted into treatment.

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  • “I am very grateful for this service and the support my
    counselor provided me when I felt lost and unsure with who I
    could turn to."

  • “Huge advocate of your service and spread the word to everyone about my personal benefits!”

  • “As a POC, this is the only space I have available to me where i'm able to choose a good quality POC therapist, free of charge, who understands the creative industries, and is able to provide me with emotional and practical support with the issues I experience at work.”